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  • The Daedric Quests

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  • Dark Brotherhood

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  • Companions

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  • Thieves Guild

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  • College of Winterhold/Mages Guild

    2 28.57%
  • Stormcloaks

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  • Imperials

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What was your favorite questline? POLL (Spoilers)

This is a discussion on What was your favorite questline? POLL (Spoilers) within the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, The forum, part of the E; So out of all the 8 Questlines mentioned above what was your favorite? More than welcome to state the reasons ...

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    What was your favorite questline? POLL (Spoilers)

    So out of all the 8 Questlines mentioned above what was your favorite?
    More than welcome to state the reasons why and even encouraged.
    If you choose Daedric, choose what one you liked most out of those.

    For me I have to say The College of Winterhold/Mages Questline was pretty damn fun! Probably my favorite.
    20x better than what they did with Oblivion, most of those quests just being fetch items. I felt it had a pretty strong story.. although the only downside was after it was over, I was just expecting something a little more rather than "Oh you are Arch-Mage now!"

    Um if this has been done already.. just mention it and ill close the thread and put a link to whoever did it first.
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    Personally, I've found that the Daedric quests are the most fun, simply because they're more unique than the rest. I like interacting with the Daedric princes; it adds to the lore of the game. As far as which Daedric quest was my favorite, The Black Star is the best that I've personally come across (I've yet to complete all of the quests) because I thought going inside the star was damn cool. Despite being really difficult to fend off two Dremora and another dude, the actual level within the star looks so damn cool that I didn't mind dying so much. Additionally, in my opinion the Black Star is actually the most useful Daedric Artifact. Having an unlimited soul gem is golden, especially for me who uses a weapon like Chillrend, which runs out quickly. Have Soul Trap in my left hand, when Chillrend runs out, cast it, kill the dude, refill. Awesome.

    The Thieves Guild quest would have to come in as a second choice if I could have one. I like the whole conspiracy to it, and the rewards are abundant. The best light armor in the game, one of the best bows in the game, and a plentiful amount of gold make it very profitable. Additionally, I really enjoy playing as a Rogue, so the quests fit my playstyle.

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    The Companions Questline for only one reason: I became a werewolf!

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    The College of Winterhold. It was great, and you learned a lot of new spells. My least favorite was the Thieves Guild. Hated it.

    I haven't played any Daedric quests except the one so I can't say, though the one I did I hated.

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    Dark Brotherhood, it had the best characters and quests, though i quite enjoyed the Winterhold College questline.]

    The Stormcloak quests were a little flat considering how epic it should have felt.

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