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Is Skyrim smooth nowadays?

This is a discussion on Is Skyrim smooth nowadays? within the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, The forum, part of the E; Hey guys! I'm sure this has been thrown around a lot, but I can't find anything on this. I love ...

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    Is Skyrim smooth nowadays?

    Hey guys! I'm sure this has been thrown around a lot, but I can't find anything on this. I love Skyrim. I have a lvl81 on the PC & Xbox and have done all the achievements on both. Since I clearly love the game so much and I migrated to a full time PS3 player, I'm willing to buy it for the PS3 as well. The question is: Is it still laggy as all hell when the save file gets insanely big? I read that the patch 1.04 cleared some of it, but was far from perfect. Since the game has received numerous patches after 1.04 and I can't seem to find any info on them, even with google, I wanted to ask you guys. Some of the patch notes state "minor memory optimization", but that's just developers bragging.

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    I'd say it's noticeably better these days, but still not perfect. Its nowhere near as bad as during the first year of the core game's release. It's very tolerable now, and the bloat in my save files seems to be under control (15mb here).

    Ex: In Hearthfire DLC, I'm seeing laggage entering a fully constructed & furnished mansion with followers present ... comparable to travelling to another major city during peak midday activity. Icky, but tolerable.

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    * Try not to 'litter' ... recover spent arrows, dispose of junk by placing it in containers or selling it to a vendor rather than dropping it in place. In your home, store things in containers rather than leaving them out in the open. Get rid of unwanted clutter like baskets and pans and 'display' food. Etc. The less stuff the game has to render for each refresh, the faster it runs ... no brainer there.
    * I dont think the old standby of forcing the game to elapse 2-4 weeks of in-game time by doing a series of back to back 24 hr waits or sleeping (which resets the status of places already visited) is still needed anymore.
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