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Skyrim takes more from fallout than oblivion

This is a discussion on Skyrim takes more from fallout than oblivion within the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, The forum, part of the E; Todd Howard of Bethesda has stated that Fallout 3 is where Skyrim is taking itís inspiration in itís story telling ...

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    Skyrim takes more from fallout than oblivion

    Todd Howard of Bethesda has stated that Fallout 3 is where Skyrim is taking itís inspiration in itís story telling and world structure.
    In a recent interview, Todd Howard outlined the general build of the game in comparison to the Fallout franchise.
    ď[Skyrim]ís a lot more like Fallout 3, where as you level up you are going to see harder things, but the easier things stay around as well. Youíll still run into the weaker stuff and youíll just decimate it.Ē
    Referring to this new practice as ďenvironmental storytellingĒ, Howard was extremely enthusiastic about the story building aspect of the new Elder Scrolls.
    Skyrim will be available on November 11th.
    Fallout 3 was the game of the year back at 2008, So this is good news to all of us right ? I'll take my wild guess and say Skyrim is going to be the best game of this year, Only if Skyrim can prove is more worthy of it than Batman AC - LA Noire - InFamous 2 - Portal 2 - Battlefield 3 - Modern Warfare 3 - AC Revelations and more excellent games that have been released till now. Time will tell. Discuss
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    Lets hope they didnt also take the freezing and general game instability that both Fallout games are known for.

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    I was reading this the other day and I was thinking back to my experiences with Fallout 3. That was that I didn't enjoy it at all. I'm not sure what element of the game I didn't enjoy exactly, just that I didn't enjoy the overall experience. However, it seems that only the core system elements of the game are going to be similar to Fallout 3, and not the actual gameplay, story, environment etc.

    I'm fine with some of the system being similar to Fallout 3, I had no complaints with the way conversations were handled or how levelling up affected your game. I'd hate for Skyrim to turn out entirely like Fallout, but I have faith in Bethesda that they have still retained the Elder Scrolls nature.

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    As someone who loves TES series, and absolutely hates FO3/NV. I'm actually not to bothered by this at all. Because the things that they are taking from FO3. Are pretty much the only things I actually liked about the game.

    Like the fact that you don't have 'classes' in Skyrim. I always thought classes in TES was not needed. Since 95% of the time, you are alone anyway. Classes are good if you have a team of people, say like in Dragon Age. But running solo, classes are pretty useless. Especially in TES when as Todd has always said. "You play it how you want to play it". Now in Skyrim you can truly play the game how you want to.

    The lock picking in FO3 was farrr better than that of Oblivion. So I'm glad the old system is gone. Hopefully for good.

    The interrogation of the perk system from FO3. As a way to level. And getting rid of the you can only level by upgrading the major stuff, from Oblivion. I'm also glad is gone. I always thought that was just a little absurd.

    And the fact that they took a cue from FO3. And not have every single place look the same. Is good. I mean FO3 locations are not drastically different all the time. But at least you feel like you went to a new location. Unlike in Oblivion.

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    i think its a good thing for them to take things from oblivion and fallout to make a better overall game. definitely excited about the lockpicking mechanic and the perks. only 2 weeks left

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