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Speech 100% Class with Dr. JT-Rex

This is a discussion on Speech 100% Class with Dr. JT-Rex within the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, The forum, part of the E; Ok kidies I just found this one out and have already made it from level 27 to 30, and Speech ...

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    Speech 100% Class with Dr. JT-Rex

    Ok kidies I just found this one out and have already made it from level 27 to 30, and Speech from 40 to 55 in under an hour!!

    Here's what you do and I will keep this as spoiler free as possible.

    1.) Start the Dark Brotherhood and do the main missions.

    2.) When you are instructed to see someone named Anton Virane, FOLLOW THE NEXT FEW STEPS TO THE LETTER!!!

    3.) Begin the conversation normally. Pick the top choices until you can answer with an Intimiate check.

    4.) Soon as you answer Anton will say 'The Dark Brotherhood?', immediately press :circle: to exit the conversation.

    5.) Restart the conversation with Anton and he'll either begin with 'Yes, yes for the hundreth time...' or you can immediatly answer with 'I know who you are Anton...'. Either way, the conversation will again lead to choosing the solitary Intimidate answer.

    6.) Repeat until you are either at Speech 100 or happy with your level.

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    Another one that is even easier as it doesn't even require membership with the Dark Brotherhood it is the Riften speech glitch.

    This one is reported to work with speech level 25 and over, but the same guy also lets you boost your speech by bribing him over and over if you aren't yet at 25 (you just need to have enough gold).

    1 - Go to Riften

    2. Go into the Black Briar Meadry (during 8am-8pm)

    3. Look for Ungrien behind the counter

    4. Talk to Ungrien, and choose the “Tell Me About…” speech option. Then choose to Bribe him.

    5. After bribing him, choose the “Tell me About…” speech option again. Now, instead of trying to Bribe him, try to Persuade him.

    6. Choose the “Tell me About…” option a third time. Then choose the Persuade option for a second time.

    7. Now, just keep choosing the Persuade option. You’ll continue to gain Speech skill points. It’s just that easy.

    Just keep hitting X over and over and over again, eventually you'll hit speech 100!

    (On topic - tried your method, also works!)

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