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Follower Builds

This is a discussion on Follower Builds within the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, The forum, part of the E; Thought I'd see if there was any interest in a thread for people to post how they equipped a particular ...

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    Follower Builds

    Thought I'd see if there was any interest in a thread for people to post how they equipped a particular follower:


    Ah, my favorite audburn huntress hottie. Not wanting to spoil her delightful aesthetic charms, I opted to focus on just adding some item bling to boost her offensive and defensive abilities. My chief role for her will be to occasionally accompany me into barrows, while looking for word walls ... and barrows mean undead. Everything is custom enchanted:

    * Aela's Circlet of Archery (fortify archery +34%) <-- I used a circlet with a jade stone, since green matches her attire and eyes.
    * Aela's Necklace of Archery (fortify archery +34%) <-- Jade again
    * Aela's Ring of Blocking (fortify blocking +34%)
    * Aela's Shield of Blocking, Legendary (fortify blocking +34%) <-- I upgraded her default shield to legendary, and added the blocking enchantment.
    Forthcoming: I'll probably add some legendary bracers and boots to give her some resistance to shock, and either some fire resistance, or a fortify to her one-handed wielding ... using the same visual pattern as her default.

    * Aela's Jade Dagger, Legendary (Glass dagger w/Absorb Health 16 pts, roughly 50 charges). Again, the green glass is a good match for her default appearance, and the health absorption deducts from any damage she takes, which keeps her upright longer.
    * Hallowed Glass Bow, Legendary (undead of upto level 20-something flee for 30 seconds). The net result here is that if she doesnt kill it instantly on the first hit, it'll flounder away and buy us both time to finish it off with a 2nd arrow.

    This was a fast and easy build - took perhaps 10 mins. The nice thing is that aside from the circlet on her forehead, and the green dagger on her left hip, there's almost no visible difference between my build and her default appearance ... and with Archery +68 and Blocking +68, and the legendary upgrades to weapons and shield, she's a lot tougher than her default.

    I'll probably have to recharge her bow and dagger towards the end of each dungeon, but that's a snap with the Star of Azura, and I've got a large stash of fully charged soul gems back at the hovel, so it's all good.

    Jean Auel would be proud (theoretical Easter Egg reference).
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    I've used a generic house karl - I think her name is Lydia. Anyway, playing as a destructive mage with 92% cost reduction (enchanting as a skill pulls it weight later on) on my gear, I've loaded her up with 90% fire resistance gear. A necklace that has 50% and a glass shield that has 40%. It's the only way she has been able to survive, normally I'll kill her in a single charged up shot.

    Otherwise she is rolling with Daedric Armour at legendary status with a variety of blocking and health enchantments. Simply put she looks vicious, and more importantly I won't kill her if I miss with my aim!

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