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What was your favorite quests?

This is a discussion on What was your favorite quests? within the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, The forum, part of the E; Mine was "A Night To Remember" and "The Mind of Madness"....

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    What was your favorite quests?

    Mine was "A Night To Remember" and "The Mind of Madness".

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    Although the artwork in Skyrim is considerably better than it was on Oblivion, I thought much of the writing was somewhat weaker. I liked many of the quests in oblivion MUCH better. That said, there were a few in Skyrim that were ... decent:

    Main Storyline:
    * The Way of the Voice - nicely done and very creative.
    * The Throat of the World - I greatly enjoyed the voice acting on this, but a minor off-note for me was the way they had you staring myopically into the dragon's nostrils the entire time. It would have been better if they'd have dragons turn their heads slightly to one side at close range in order to see you better, the way horses and eagles tend to.
    * The World-Eater's Eyrie - very cool to ride a dragon to the top of the world, for a solo assault on the world eater's lair and battle into the hereafter itself ?

    Dark Brotherhood:
    * "Whispers in the Dark" - Short, but delightfully creepy, and wonderfully voiced.

    Thieves Guild:
    * "Speaking w/Silence" - Nothing like the sharp sting of betrayal to get the RPG juices flowing.

    * This was not a quest in particular, but a task of my own choosing ... I was frustrated and impatient with not being able to kill Ancano (the insufferable Thalmar observer at College of Winterhold) the moment I first met him that by the time the game finally let me do it during the final college of winterhold quest (very unsatisfying BTW), I went a step further and fast traveled to the Thalmar Embassy and personally exterminated most of the Thalmar within reach, one by one. I made sure to leave a survivor or two, to ensure subsequent visits by hit squads with orders to execute me on sight ... it always brightened my evening whenever a hit squad showed up for me to beat the &^#* outta.
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    It had to be the one where I merced that orphanage biatch lady.

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