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Your Dragonborn's life (as a wikipedia entry)

This is a discussion on Your Dragonborn's life (as a wikipedia entry) within the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, The forum, part of the E; Post your Dragonborn's life. Not the obvious stuff like Harbinger, Archmage etc as we will all do that stuff on ...

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    Your Dragonborn's life (as a wikipedia entry)

    Post your Dragonborn's life. Not the obvious stuff like Harbinger, Archmage etc as we will all do that stuff on the long quest to the plat. Post the personal things in your life, the stuff of true discretion, your race, your spouse, your friends, your blades, your timing.

    My Dragonborn, Christian Kel-Star is a Nord warrior. During the escape from Helgen, he killed that Imperial bastard who was going to chop off his head without a trial and without actually being on head chopping list, and joined the Stormcloak guy.

    After escaping Helgan he made his way to Whiterun where he ignored his calling as the Dragonborn and instead joined the companions and helped the Grey-Manes as they seemed to be down with the Stormcloaks. While travelling far to the North to rescue the Gray-Mane dude, he met a young boy named Eriks who was a farmer but wished to be an adventurer and see the world. He took the time to bully Erik's father into letting the boy out into the big bad world and merrily went on his way.

    Sometime later after becoming Harbinger of the companions, Christian went back to Roikstead and hired Erik "the Slayer". The two of them then signed up to the Stormcloaks and fought together in all of the epic battles which followed, except for the battle for Whiterun and the battle for Solitude where Erik "the slayer" seemingly was not allowed in.

    After the war they parted ways, and Christian Kel-Star who now had very high warrior based skills sought out a new calling with a view to cracking level 40. So off he went to Magic school at the College of Winterhold. While studying there, Christian met a fellow student with whom became great friends, J'zargo. He and J'zargo explored many dewlmer ruins and together helped save the college. After the saving the college, Christian gave J'zargo the Staff of Magus which he keep asking to mess about with after Christian was done with it and was very pleased.

    Next Christian sought out a number of deadric princes with a view to collecting their artifacts which he never used but rather stored in the armoury at his main residence in Winterhold with a view to starting a museum. While on this quest he met an Orc named Ghorbash the Ironfist who was very easily pusuaded to give up his life debt to his brother who was leader of the Orc camp any join Christian on more adventures, including obtaining the super awesome gardur amulet. During their time together the Dragonborn finally headed his calling and went to see the Greybeards.

    This led him to reform the blades where he recruited his long time friends, Eric, J'zargo and Ghorbash. He took time off of the blades and his calling once more once he got involved with the theives guild where he is currently running countless missions for Vex and Mallory. Once he restores the guild to its former glory he plans to kill that woman at the boarding house for the kid at Winderhold and join the Dark Brotherhood. Following that, he will once again return to his calling....

    Recently he was married to his old companion, Aeila the Huntress. Attendees at the wedding were the old Grey-Mane lady, Lydia and some dude from Riften he had just met. Given what he had done for a lot of his friends (read: saved their arses), he was quite disappointed with the turnout. Aeila moved into his Winterhold abode, and he has not since been back to visit. He's not a jealous guy but is starting to become a little concerned with the amount of time she spends alone in his house with that Hoursecarl. He may need to take Craven up to Bothesia's shrine soon....

    What's your dragonborn's story?

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    I came, I saw, I whipped some ass. That's my story.

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