Hey guys, I got a question, if we have any tech people out here right now, I had an idea for a series on Youtube, it probably already has been done, but I still want to do my own, where I take a soundboard of a celebrity, cartoon character, etc. and chat with that soundboard over PS3. Now this is where the tech guys come in, I need help setting that up. The Xbox is easier to do this because they have a headphone jack on the controller, PS3 doesn't.

So, how would I fix/do this? I need to be able to capture the video and audio of the game, which I have a capture card for that, and then I need to get the audio of the people's mic, which I can do in the audio settings on the PS3. Now I just need a way to get the sound of the soundboard onto the PS3 and be able to hear it so I can put it in my editing software.

My only problem is getting the sound of the soundboard so people can hear it over PS3, and then being able to hear it clear on the video I would make.