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Currently Playing (May 2015 Edition)

This is a discussion on Currently Playing (May 2015 Edition) within the Features and Editorials forum, part of the Trophy Guides, Reviews & Articles; Editor's Foreword This month, due to real life circumstances, our stellar writer TerminalPhoenix won't be joining the feature. However, to ...

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    Currently Playing (May 2015 Edition)

    Editor's Foreword

    This month, due to real life circumstances, our stellar writer TerminalPhoenix won't be joining the feature. However, to make up for it, we've had Faust, previous head-honcho fo the team and the feature's creator, join us for a brief moment to share his monthly experiences with us.

    So with that taken care of, here's the monthly feature!

    What I'm Currently Playing: Destiny

    ĎSup everyone. Nag asked me to sub in this month, so here I am to take over for TerminalPhoenix, whoís otherwise indisposed at the moment. I havenít done this in a while, so please forgive me if Iím a little rusty.

    This month, much like the past five months, Iíve been playing Destiny, a lot. Probably too much, actually, but itís not like you can have too much of a good thing, right? When it first launched, I sat on the sidelines and watched, disappointingly, as one of my most anticipated games was exposed by the games press as an ambitious, but ultimately shallow, MMO-lite shooter. Ordinarily I would have passed on it, but for some reason I decided not to. Really, I canít remember why I bought it, or what made me change my mind, but Iím glad I did. Iíve had my PS4 since late January, and I own at least 20 games well worth playing, and yet, Iíve barely touched any of them, because none of them are Destiny.

    I know a lot of people played it at release, and felt stung by its lack of content, its god-awful story, and its repetitive, grindy gameplay, but let me assure you that the Destiny Iím playing now is not the same Destiny you played back in September of last year. I mean, the story does still suck. And you do have to grind a lot. But there's way more to do now, and it's all just so fun! The gameplay is still solid as ever, the end-game content is ridiculously fun, and the new expansion pack, House of Wolves (which released earlier this month, thus making this rant relevant!) has really redefined the PvP experience for the better, and shown that the 9 month old game is still capable of new things.

    Iíll be taking a break from it shortly to indulge in some Ö uhÖ witching, or whatever it is that Witchers do, though for the moment, I still look forward to struggling through the Prison of Elders every night with my mates, then taking out all of my frustrations by raping Crota with my 34 Hunter.

    Destiny was released to much criticism in September 9th, 2014 for both PlayStation 3 and 4, but seems to be an enjoyable experience now.

    What I'm Looking Forward to this Month: E3

    As for next month, I canít really say any games have my interest. Batman: Arkham Knight looked great, right up until Rocksteady effectively doubled the price with their ridiculous Season Pass, so I guess Iíll have a full month to enjoy The Witcher 3. That is, until June 14, when E3 kicks off, and I firmly plant myself in front of the TV (I know, big change, right?) to watch all shiny new trailers and announcements from the 6 major press conferences.

    Bethesda are kicking off E3 with their first ever conference, and if the rumours are to be believed, it might all be downhill from there. I mean, how can you possibly top DOOM and Fallout 4? Microsoft is next, and supposedly thereís going to be some new hardware, and fingers crossed for Gears of War HD. After that I get a nice break as I sleep through EA, because you couldnít pay me to give two fucks about the next-gen lighting system in the new Madden. To close it out thereís Ubisoft, who Iím hoping will show us a little more of Rainbow Six Siege and The Division, and Sony, who are going to have a hard time topping last yearís conference (though they totally could if they could just give us a release date for The Last Guardian [Editor's note: Yeah, right.]).

    E3 begins on June 16th and lasts until the 18th, and promises to be huge fun once again.

    What I'm Currently Playing: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare & DRIVECLUB

    I'm back to my old habits. I kind of gave up a bit on trophies, and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare confirms that for me, with me spending quite some time on the multiplayer, and haven't started on the campaign yet, even though I've heard a couple of stories that it's pretty good.

    I used to only play multiplayer when I got a new COD game. This game reminds me of how much fun I had when I did, and I cant really believe I turned my back on this franchise for 2 years. There's always going to be people hating on COD, but I think it still works, even though it's the same formula as 5-6 years ago. The thing I love about the multiplayer has to be the constant chaos and hectic situations you are getting involved in.

    So what is actually new? In this installment exo-suits are introduced, which basically has the same functions as the
    nanosuit from the Crysis series, including abilities ranging from a double jump to even a stealth ability in multiplayer (though I'm not sure if this is available in Campaign as well).

    Aside from the multiplayer, I did try the first mission in Campaign. It looks really good, and the weapons have a good feel to them. The option to change grenades into whatever you need at that moment works pretty sweet (EMP, Smart or Threat), and, as always, colleting intel is in there. I haven't had a slo-mo door breach yet but I bet that'll be in there, too. Trophywise I guess this game is a lot easier than previous ones as there are only a couple of online trophies, which if you team up with some friends should be doable. I will go back and play the Campaign once I feel I've had my share of online play.

    I remember Chris being really annoyed by DRIVECLUB when it released, and even though I did remember it could not keep me from buying this game. It seems most of the issues are fixed now. Picked up this really nice racegame last week and decided I should get the season pass too. There is so much DLC that it justifies the (somewhat) small pricetag. This got me ending up with all of the best cars available on this planet. Like I said, this game is a stunning visual experience - just take a look at the amazing views and see the weather beautifully change while you are racing!

    But there are some things missing for me. As a carguy, I really miss Japanese car manufacturers, which may perhaps be an idea for DLC. There's plenty of Japanese supercars I can think of to put in there.

    Next there's this thing called drifting...

    It works the same for all the cars, and to really get the most out of your drift, you should switch to manual transmission to shift down to bring the revs back up (not sure if that made any sense). And then there's small things, like drifting FWD cars (what?), which works the same as when you are driving an RWD vehicle. I also noticed that when you watch the sequence where you get into the car every doorslam sounds the same, even if you have an open seater without doors, but that's just me I think.

    Other than that I'm really pleased with the game. The cars feel good (except all Renaults), the challenges are doable, and even for someone that's not into racing games (like me).

    As for the online... Where to start? Trying to drive clean? Forget about it. As soon as the first corner comes up, prepare to be used as a braking barrier for people that don't use their brakes, most of the time leaving you in last place. If you play with random people, they will probably bash you out of the way even if you are on the same team.

    Even though I make it sound as if there's a lot wrong with this game, there really isn't (at least not anymore), so if you want a good, solid racing game, don't hesitate and buy this game and definitely get the DLC with it.

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was released on PlayStation 3 and 4 on November 3rd, 2014 worldwide.
    Driveclub was released after a lot of delays exclusively on Playstation 4 on October 7th, 2014.

    What I'm looking forward to: Nothing

    As surprising as that may be (with the Witcher 3 being released and all), there's not really much that tickles my pickle this month, so I'll just suggest you to look at the other entries.

    What I'm currently spending my time playing: Final Fantasy: Type-0 HD

    Iíve been playing FF Type-0 lately and I can safely say that I enjoy this game a lot! Itís definitely different than other FF games that I have played. Iíll tell you more about it below.

    First of all, I havenít finished the game yet, but got pretty far in it I think (Iím at chapter 7). Itís been a few weeks ago since I last played, because I got busy. The game is a bit darker than other FF games Iíve played: thereís a war going on between the different nations, amid which you take control of ĎClass Zeroí, which consists of 14 different characters, each with their own unique weapon and personality. Itís a good plan to use all of the characters, because they all have unique attacks that they can learn (for example: only the spear user learns ĎJumpí). In battles you can use the four buttons to execute a command. One is a normal attack, 2 are special attacks (different for each character) that you can switch out and 1 is a healing/support attack (later on you can switch to another healing/support attack). Some weapons are more useful against some enemies, like ranged weapons or close combat, so keep that in mind. You can also control an Eidolon in a fight by sacrificing your leading character. You can have 3 characters in battle, and if one dies, you can switch him/her out with another one of the Class. Donít worry, theyíll get revived when returning to the academy. When you walk around the academy you will notice that some events (!) are unlocked with specific characters. In line with that, youíll get introduced to a dozen of characters in the game, but they can easily be dead in the next chapter.

    Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
    also has some familiar stuff, like a world map, missions, side-quests etc. You can replay each mission to level up, get items and such. Iím looking forward to finishing the game whenever I have more spare time, which is probably soon. For all you trophy whores out there (), this game seems also pretty easy to platinum.

    Final Fantasy: Type-0 HD was released on March 17th, putting an end to years of waiting for a localization.

    What I'm looking forward to this month: Nothing

    Editor's note: Due to time contraints, Artemis wasn't able to provide a list of what she was looking forward to, so... Yeap.

    What I played during my scarce time: Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition, inFAMOUS: First Light

    Having acquired the Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition a few months ago during a sale, I thought it time to finally make my way up to that 100%, and it's been one heck of a disastrous ride.

    Beginning with picking up where I left (which, as I found out at that very moment, was who-the-fuck-knows-where), I started making my way through the DLC in order, with Dr.'s Ned being right first. This being the first playthrough and me being level 50 made it a breeze. However, finishing that meant making my way to Moxxi's, which I intercalted with Knoxx's and resulted in frustration, agony, anguish and boredom. Especially boredom. So much, to the point that I didn't even finish all the DLCs due to fatigue from the game. As soon as all those horrible and tedious domes were done with, I simply finished my way through Knoxx, leveled up to 61 punching Crawmerax in the face and kissed the game goodbye for a while.

    That said, ignoring my time with Moxxi's awful DLC, I had a fun time. Not only did I get to appreciate Borderlands 2 way more (the improvements are fairly noticeable), but I also got to re-experience a game I greatly enjoyed back when it was first released. Once I get my groove back, I'll go and sweep through Claptrap's DLC and then make my way to the sequel.

    Aside from that, I finally acquired my monolith, so I proceded to download every game from Plus I had some sort of interest in. Among them was inFAMOUS: Second Son's stand-alone DLC First Light, which I decided to give a try before anything else.

    As I expected, it was a short experience, but one that I thoroughly enjoyed all the way to the end. I've never been a huge inFAMOUS fan, but one thing is undeniable: they're very fun games. Add to the fact that this one doesn't really drag on and doesn't implement an annoying and needless karma system, and First Light ends up being one of the best DLCs out there (alongside Festival of Blood). I really can't think of a better way to have started my experience with my new monolith (as far as the free Plus games go, at least), and it makes me happy to say it's also my first plat on it.

    Fun times indeed.

    Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition had its core game released for PlayStation 3 on October 20th, 2009 to critical aclaim.
    inFAMOUS: First Light was released for the PlayStation 4 on August 27th, 2014, and it's a blast.

    What I'm looking forward to: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    If there's one game franchise that didn't get a single release on the PS3 but that I wanted to play ever since it came out, it's The Witcher franchise. Based on some Polish books, it starts a Witcher (whatever that is) called Geralt on his quest to (I presume) murder a bunch of monsters and mate with a lot of hot babes. The first game is considered to be average, but the sequel is said to be great. Buying into those ideas, I acquired both on Steam - but this stinking laptop can't run either, so my experience with the series remains as before.

    However, when I first read that the third entry would be released on next-gen consoles, I counted myself lucky. Not only would I finally get to play the series, but everything pointed out to it being the best entry so far. With the game already released and a bunch of people I know already playing it, the hype lives on in me, and thus, I simply await the opportunity to acquire the game once and for all and, finally, get to know just what the heck a Witcher is and what does he do.

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was released for the PlayStation 4 on May 19th, and I can't wait to get my hands on it.
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    Always enjoy reading what others are playing and what there looking forward playing later on.

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    Hi all, figured I would post what I've been up to as well. I'm still trying to finish many PS3 games as there isn't much on PS4 that interests me yet. I'm currently playing: Dragon's Crown. It's a very fun multiplayer sidescroller action game in a fantasy setting. Reminds me of Double Dragon and Battletoads if anyone remembers those games lol. You can choose from 6 different classes that play differently and each have skills. The story continues after you finish various stages and for how many quests there are, I'm sure it will keep me busy for a while. I played this once with a friend around the time it came out but recently got my own copy of the game.

    I'm looking forward to E3 and J-stars Victory Vs+. Which is a 3v3 fighting game with many anime crossovers. A lot of characters from Shonen Jump including Dragonball Z, Naruto, Bleach, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Fist of the North Star, etc. fight it out in this game. I have been waiting on this game to be released outside of Japan for almost a year now and it finally comes out later this month. It will definitely be one of the games that I'll be playing for the remainder of the year at least. Btw Nagflar, awesome comment you have on your profile .

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