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FIFA 14 Demo Discussion

This is a discussion on FIFA 14 Demo Discussion within the FIFA 14 forum, part of the F; The demo was released the 10th, four days ago. What are your opinion on FIFA 14? Thoughts? My personal opinion ...

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    FIFA 14 Demo Discussion

    The demo was released the 10th, four days ago. What are your opinion on FIFA 14? Thoughts?

    My personal opinion is very mixed.
    First; EA said they improved the intelligence in this game. I beg the differ. The players only take more runs, however they often do this too early, often even before I have the ball. So they run offside before I get the ball, or in other scenarios I want them to meet me but they run away taking a run that would be impossible to cross to.

    The referees are the worst they've ever been. This wasn't a freekick, I barely ever get any freekicks. I get cards for nothing and freekicks against me for nothing. DEMO: PSG 0 €“ 0 FC Barcelona | EA SPORTS Football

    The relationship between the player and ball has also not been improved. Many times in the demo I passed an open player but the ball just bounced of him because he wasn't aware of the ball. Other times they just can't take the ball with them, they run away without the ball;

    I like the new gameplay style that encourages patience and strength. It looks really realistic, protecting the ball with L2.

    Shooting has been made harder, which is good since it was op before.
    Through basses are however very OP in this game.

    Overall I liked FIFA 13 more when it comes to first sight but I think FIFA 14 is growing on me

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    In a nutshell I didn't notice much difference to be honest. I only played one game before I deleted the demo but i'll get the game on PS4 later on in the year.

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