Hey guys!

I played Pro Evolution Soccer some years ago, then stopped playing sport games for some years, and now i bought FIFA12!
Im liking the game so far, and this weekend i played some games with my Virtual Pro in Clubs of friends, and i disliked that: the guy that thought he was the best player he would play as Striker and call the ball from our Defenses all game long (Pressing "X" Button, and putting us in dangerous situations!).

I'm from Portugal (E.U.) and i want to create my Club, recruit cool people and good players, and raise this Club!

Anyone in here likes to pay Clubs a lot!? Anyone want to help me out building this!?

(Good and experienced players would be very cool, but we will Tryout anyone who wants and applies for it!!)

Just leave here your PSN ID, the positions you like to play more on the field, and how many games you think you can play with us!