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Missable Trophies?

This is a discussion on Missable Trophies? within the Final Fantasy X-2 HD forum, part of the F; I don't remember this game all that well, its been *shocked* about 10 years since I last played it (I ...

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    Missable Trophies?

    I don't remember this game all that well, its been *shocked* about 10 years since I last played it (I liked it, but it wasn't truly special like X or XII, it had a great battle system, but that was about it... The story is the equivalent of having a Romeo and Juliet 2).

    Anyway, are any of these trophies missable? FFX just has the Al Bhed primer trophy, and beyond that nothing is really missable.

    I am presuming here it is just the ones that have a clear time-limit (such as Tricky Trapper and Complete Episode), the Machen stories trophy, and the 100% completion trophy. Am I wrong?

    PS: Sorry if you are still working on all of this, I know the TG is incomplete, but I got bored and started this game...
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    Other then those you mentioned look out for treasure hunter too as that can only be done in a story mission in chapter 2. Chocobo whisperer is also easy to miss, there are a few choices in chapter 1 and 2 involving clasko you can mess up. There are some great guides on gamefaqs that will give you 100%. I use the one from split infinity myself and that one is spoiler free and still include everything you could ever need. The last 6 trophies on the list are all gotten in last mission. I haven't played that yet so don't know if any of those are missable

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    There are also dress sphere related trophies that are missable because the dress spheres can be missed.

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