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even though it would be a great idea to have 13-3, but i know they wont...i have the collectors guide and in the you get a few pages of an interveiw with the director of the game and mentions that the story will be wrapped up in a DLC (Snow's story will be covered in a novel and Sazah's backstory has a DLC coming out on 28th for 360 and 29th for PS3)....No real word what Noel's next step will be..
I do have a problem with DLC being used to finish the main storyline in FFXIII-2. DLC should be used to enhance and expand games, not finish or complete games. I am a little disappointed with the coliseum in FFXIII-2 to be honest. Even after downloading both the Omega and Lightning & Amodar DLC, the coliseum is hardly used at all. I want a coliseum like 'Star Ocean: The Last Hope' full of hours upon hours of battles.