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Sazh DLC: Extra Episode - Heads or Tails? (Spoilers)

This is a discussion on Sazh DLC: Extra Episode - Heads or Tails? (Spoilers) within the Final Fantasy XIII-2 forum, part of the F; Before reading this, you should know that this is actually BIG SPOILERS!! Anyways, I just recently purchased the DLC and ...

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    Sazh DLC: Extra Episode - Heads or Tails? (Spoilers)

    Before reading this, you should know that this is actually BIG SPOILERS!!

    Anyways, I just recently purchased the DLC and was saddened at the fact that it was pretty... "short" of what I was actually expecting. I mean, yes, there are new games and a storyline for Sazh and Chocolina but I was kind of expecting a bit more than that... All you actually need to do is to gamble your "fate" away on any games.

    There are 3 games you can play.

    1. Machine Slots - we all know this already
    2. Serendipity Poker - New one and I would suggest playing this
    3. Chronobind - Fun... if you understand what's going on

    The poker game is basically the one where you can finish the story fast if you know how to play it well. I didn't even know how to play Poker until now, lol. Anyways, after finishing this, you're basically done. There's nothing else after that... oh and of course, you get Sazh as a Synergist. Also, if you don't feel like playing the games first, you can always check out the building where the Mystic character is. In place of her is Chocolina. You get to know her storyline and where she fits in the game. I actually knew it before so it didn't surprise me but for the people who haven't heard of her story, I'd suggest so.

    Overall, the DLC is not worth $5.00 in my opinion. It should be about the same amount as the costumes that were released! Even so, the costumes should be less than that but oh well... we all know companies nowadays love making us spend our little pocket money.

    So what do you guys think of about the DLC?

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    Didn't know that Chocolina was a part of the DLC until I read this. This was a worthless add-on. It's great to have Sazh as part of your team but the card games aren't all that fun by yourself. Take a page from Red Dead Redemption and make them online multiplayer.

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    Though it doesn't sound that appealing, I'll probably end up getting it for Sazh.

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    I bought this and wasted time on that poker game for about 2 hours before I got bored with it and never finished's cool that they made it so new games unlocked at Serendipity, but they should have made it a more character based DLC and made it more about battling monsters to reach your objective...Just my thoughts

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