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Catalyst Drops?

This is a discussion on Catalyst Drops? within the Final Fantasy XIII forum, part of the F; All I have left for this game is the Treasure Hunter trophy. Grinding the turtles has long lost it's appeal ...

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    Catalyst Drops?

    All I have left for this game is the Treasure Hunter trophy. Grinding the turtles has long lost it's appeal and I'm very close to completion. I only have a couple of the high-end accessories to upgrade and about half the weaponry. As a change of pace from the turtles I think I'd rather just go farm for the catalysts themselves. Do any enemies drop Adamantite, Pervoskite, or Uranite? Mission Marks with catalysts as the second win reward would be best, but I can't seem to locate a decent guide for the game that gets into that level of detail on the Mission Marks. Sorry if I've misspelled the catalyst names, I'm at work and don't have my list handy.

    Hope I can get this trophy this weekend.... I'm about tired of this game and I'm more than sick of battling tortoises.

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    Unfortunately, once you are at end game I don't believe there are any monsters you can fight to obtain those three catalysts - you'll have to buy them. One thing I would recommend though is to go to Eden for a chance of pace and fight all the Sacrifices (end of chapter near where you fought the proudclad). They drop perfume and scarletite at a pretty good rate. The scarletite is useful for some accessories and weapons, while the perfume can be sold for a decent amount. If you transport to Orphan's cradle, you can also fight a bunch of sacrifices there in the room with the portals. They are pretty easy with a Smart Bomb paradigm or RA.

    The final thing you can do is sell the weapons and accessories you have already upgraded, since you do not need to have everything in your inventory to get treasure hunter. That should get you some serious gil. Make sure you use some kind of checklist for this though.

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