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The Official Platinum Difficulty Discussion Thread

This is a discussion on The Official Platinum Difficulty Discussion Thread within the Final Fantasy XIII forum, part of the F; i'll go with 3 - Moderate the 5 star rating for each mission and evey item is the big grind...

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    here :)-

    i'll go with 3 - Moderate
    the 5 star rating for each mission and evey item is the big grind
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    3 - Moderate

    It took me 11 months of on and off gaming to get this plat. This was such a time drain. Took me 88 hours and even that felt like too long. I think I could of done this in 70 hours if there was a run button. Farming the ingots was an utter pain, one of the main reasons why I despise rpgs. But I liked FF13, my first final fantasy which I have played and I liked it. There were times I loved this game, there were times I hated this game. The story was good, the characters personalities were fleshed out better than expected. I may pick up FFXIII-2 in the future.

    I also spent a lot of time researching the best ways to farm the ingots and kept a close eye on Treasure Hunter. I almost freaked out when I thought I had all the items but I did not speak too Bhakti yet. I have Serah's theme on the XMB menu so every time I go on, it reminds me of platting this long game and the hours that I put in to get the plat.

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    Moderate. The time is more time-consuming than anything (and even then, there are many games that are more time-consuming). The hard battles can be beaten with little problem if you've got the right strategies, and they happen to be plastered all over the internet.

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    The end game was much longer that the story, which consisted mostly of farming the same enemies over and over. I actually has such bad luck finding traps that I was able to full upgrade all items and buy all dark matter outright. Made for an easier time than I expected as I did not have to farm the hardest enemies in the game . The hardest part for me was the time investment.

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    4 - Hard

    The main story and the hunts weren't difficult but it took me a really long grind for the gil and the cp for the crystarium. I spent more time on that than on the hunts and the main story. It gets really boring and it's a real test to your patience.

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    so I haven't finished this one yet but the grinding is starting to get to me, just started chapter 10 and spoiler free I thought I was doing great but then I find out that gil is going to be a nightmare to farm for since so far nothing has dropped any like more tradional FF games, the level up idea is nice but if you want to get far you have to go in literally after every battle or 2 to spend the points to gain something ie magic or health or strength ect,
    going on a 3 so far and when I get the plat (fingers crossed) im hoping that I haven't missed anything, story so far just blows my mind and the eildons battles are annoying (thank god for the guide) but 3 down and on my way to bahamut and shortly after that alexander too

    so I beat the main game and now its on to grind fest the challenge lol, as for the final boss the 1st and 2nd fase can go suck a big one, the final part was embarrassingly easy, got 4 stars and kinda wished I would of been like 30 sec faster so I could of gotten the trophy for that one and not have to replay the final fight all over again grrr, so far I could give this a 2.5 to a 3 depending on skill for the main story, off to do all the missions and farm for gil since I hear that I will have double the xp points and max out way before I finish getting my items trophy since I need the gil to get items now and I have to sell in order to get gil
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