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glad you got it sorted man,well done
Tbh, Idk which item i really needed, whether it was the adamant bangle, champion's belt, power glove or the weirding glyph, so I went and got those accessories and bhakti finally coughed up the trophy, now all that's left is l'cie paragon. Luckily I still have had the save file where I was farming for the ingots, sold all the ingots, perfumes incentive and credit chips I had so I can buy max fortisols, aegisols and deceptisols, so far those three, along with max tier 3 weapons, I've been getting 5 stars on them, though I'm worried bout the last mission, I got 4 stars the first time around; but I'm not to worried to it right now, I'm trying to plat IL-2 Sturmovik Birds of Prey first before I plat XIII, trying to make XIII my 20th plat. If you know anyone who has that game that can help out, let me know, I only have 10 trophies on that game to plat it