I played on the PS3 during beta, but have since mainly played on PC.
Recently I bought the PS3 client as well (since it was basically as cheap as a month's sub, and gives me a free upgrade to the PS4 client later). When I logged in as my main job (50BLM) and tried out combat, the kill gave me both the 1 kill and 10,000 kills trophies, which is great.
However, when I then switched to my 50FSH and caught a few fish, no trophies popped - not the 1 fish, not the 1000 fish.

Is there a list of which trophies must be earned on PS3 and/or require starting a new character? Or is there an NPC you can go to to pop trophies (I believe this was the case with FFXI on the 360)?
I mainly planned on using the PS3 client for gathering/crafting; not looking forward to the idea of having to do major combat there as well...