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Update 2.1 Got enough gil?

This is a discussion on Update 2.1 Got enough gil? within the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn forum, part of the F; So update 2.1 is currently getting installed and will be available within the next 13-14 hours to experience what changes ...

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    Update 2.1 Got enough gil?

    So update 2.1 is currently getting installed and will be available within the next 13-14 hours to experience what changes have been made with the updates from this patch.

    One such thing that I myself and many others have been looking forward to is the fact that Free Company Housing will finally become available, so we can have a place to call home and hang out with our FC members. Well SE has thrown what I think to be some ridiculous prices at us for the chance to own even a crappy house.

    Look at the chart below for the prices on your server and feel free to share your thoughts.

    On a good note though, these are the starting prices when they first become available and will decrease over time.

    The Devaluation Timer
    The price of a plot of land is set to be reduced 0.14% every six hours.
    Example: Small

    • Starting Price: 8,000,000 gil
    • 10 Days Later: 7,552,000 gil
    • 15 Days Later: 7,328,000 gil
    • 30 Days Later: 6,656,000 gil
    • 90 Days Later: 3,698,000 gil
    • The price will reduce a maximum of 360 times in 90 days and will will fall to half its starting price.
    • From patch 2.2 onward, a free company will automatically relinquish its land if its estate is unused for a prolonged period of time.


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    My girlfriend and I are not apart of a Free Company, and just want Housing. Is there just regular Housing or FC only? Too lazy to investigate this on my own. Thanks!

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    Not yet. There will be but not for another 3 months minimum.

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