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Fuse sales bombed hard

This is a discussion on Fuse sales bombed hard within the FUSE forum, part of the F; Originally Posted by Larrydavidsavatar I am one of the piddly number of sales and whilst it's mindless fun for the ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larrydavidsavatar View Post
    I am one of the piddly number of sales and whilst it's mindless fun for the most part, you can tell something has been removed.
    The best part is the weaponry which has all the originality left in the formula, it does remind me of Bulletstorm just a very watered down version.

    It's the Escape From L.A. to Bulletstorm's Escape From New York.
    I knew this had Bruce Campbell's allll over it.

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    I may be writing the guide, but let me say this. I feel ripped off. This game is not worth $60. It is mindless fun with friends, but solo, it's absolute shit. I wish the game stayed as Overstrike, that game looked so exciting. Now, it's just bland and padded like a room in an insane asylum, which is where the developers might have been when they were developing this pile of crap.
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    Does this mean there will be a quicker price drop?

    I was on the fence of getting this game right away, but decided to wait due to things I've heard about it..So if they drop the price, I would totally go out and get it.
    Otherwise...I'll sit here and wait till it eventually hits $20 somewhere...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digitalman123 View Post
    I had a feeling this game would bomb. They made all these significant changes from the initial Overstrike reveal that it's depressing such a great developer would release something like it.
    Same, ever since they changed the name, and basically everything else in the game it lost a lot of steam and kind of disappeared off of everyone's radar.

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