I realize this may be a small percentage of our user base, yet thought I'd give a heads up to fellow Canadian shoppers in case they don't notice this deal elsewhere. I took a look at the .com shop to see if it was in the US as well, yet I didn't see anything that stood out - let me know if something changes and I'll update the thread.

E3 2014 - Best Buy Canada - Best Buy Canada

One: Up to 15% off per game
Two: Up to 15% off per game
Three or more: Up to 30% off per game
Basically, you can save up to $21 for each game if you buy 3 or more titles. It would have been nicer if this was before the $10 game price increase earlier this year to (supposedly) compensate for the weaker Canadian dollar, yet savings are still savings. There's also different offers for other systems beyond just Sony's, so check those out as well.

I myself picked up Dragon Age Inquisition, The Last Of Us Remastered, and Far Cry 4 all for the PS4, for $48.99 each (as opposed to $69.99). I would have bought more, yet I'm also saving money so I can move.

The marketing images suggest they'll be expanding the offer to newly announced titles next week at E3 as well (the box art with '?' on them).