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Capcom PS3 sale.

This is a discussion on Capcom PS3 sale. within the Game Deals forum, part of the General PS3 Discussion; I'm sure you all have seen the ticker announce it. As well the expiry date of the 22nd. Here is ...

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    Capcom PS3 sale.

    I'm sure you all have seen the ticker announce it. As well the expiry date of the 22nd.

    Here is the good.
    Okami HD, 7.
    DMC HD Collection, 12.
    RE4/5(gold edition)/6/REV, 7/15/10/14

    The bad.
    Surprising lack of RE Code Veronica. As well, the inclusion of RE Chronicles(Wii port lightgun gun) is baffling.
    Only 1 Megaman game.

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    its Capcom did you honestly expect anything better with them, they cant really sell X4 or X5 since they just put them on the storefront and why would they finish giving us the classic titles cause there is 5 & 6 yet that were Japan PS1 exclusives or give us X3 that was a non US PS1 title, kinda honestly surprised that they didn't have there latest version of SF4 (what ever version they feel like calling it now) on sale since the tiny adding of 3 or 4 additional players to the roster of clones just isn't doing it for me, just think on the plus side at least there was a flash sale of some better titles out there for cheap

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    This is just the regular NA PSN Update.

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