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2012 Review Team Game of the Year Awards: Overall Game of the Year 2012

This is a discussion on 2012 Review Team Game of the Year Awards: Overall Game of the Year 2012 within the Game Reviews forum, part of the Trophy Guides, Reviews & Articles; Far cry 3 is by far the best game i have played this year.I really didn't like dishonored....

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    Far cry 3 is by far the best game i have played this year.I really didn't like dishonored.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rubicant81 View Post
    Well, there are a few NA people on the review team. The December 4th release date for the US would put it outside of the window for a lot of them, so it's probably why it missed out on some votes.
    That's correct, but since the game was released before December in Australia and Europe, we decided to let it be nominated. However, it didn't get more than one nomination for GOTY.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shuklar View Post
    I'm just curious if Far Cry 3 was considered, or was too late to the party.
    Quote Originally Posted by Waystedyou View Post
    Was far cry 3 up for this?
    Yeah, it was considered. However, it didn't earn enough nominations to make the list.

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    Journey is amazing..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rubicant81 View Post
    Well, there are a few NA people on the review team. The December 4th release date for the US would put it outside of the window for a lot of them, so it's probably why it missed out on some votes.


    Extremely little variation between the categories this year. It looks like people couldn't put their own individual preferences aside, or didn't even bother to play enough new titles throughout the year in order to come up with an educated enough opinion on the subject.

    It's always been my beef with the review team here in general, that they seem to review titles that they have already deemed were worthy of their own individual buck before hand, and that in itself, often disqualifies a lot of individual objectivity or expectations about titles before hand. When you see that somebody is bashing a game in it's trophy list or in a trailer post, and then see a piss poor review score that walks too far on the negative side, it looks bad. The same can be said with people who sport avatars, signatures, or post all kinds of hype for a title and then go off and pop the title with an extremely high number. There is just too much individual bias for any of the reviews to be taken as serious on a regular basis, and not enough variation among the titles review (this site's reviews has a ridiculous bias towards shooters, for example).

    Having people who specialize more in individual genres and actually go out of their way to purchase or play 10-15 new titles a year, would alleviate a lot of this copy paste type voting, and make it so that a bit more variation would make it across the lists and in turn, a lot more variation in the types of genres that get covered as a whole.

    I personally, don't feel that this year had only 6-8 titles worth playing, and that everything else is inferior, but these lists would give you another perspective. Every other "Game of the Year" award lists has a wider area of variation, and doesn't need to repeat the same few titles over and over to show how limited the site's "official" perspective is. None of the games listed in any of these titles were faultless either, and for those faults, should have had a bit more variation in the overall voting.

    Pretty disappointed in the choices, because it doesn't make it feel like the reviewers on this site exactly play enough games outside of their individual comfort zone, and the reflected product in an end of awards announcement comes off so. But hey, this is your people's opinion, it just isn't a strong enough one, for me, to feel "official" or "unbiased" in any way.
    If you're offering to help pad our budget, then by all means, I'm sure some additional titles would get picked up and scored. But if money's tight, and it usually is when HALF of your six-man team is under 18, then folks are probably going to buy the games that they know they'll be interested in playing, and at best rent the others. The problem is, obviously, that with rental you have a great deal less control over when you'll actually get your hands on the product - especially with a service like Gamefly. And of course if it doesn't get reviewed within a short timeframe, people give the RT grief about their tardiness .

    Yeah, it'd be swell if we got all of our games for free like Ignorant Gamers Network or the .orgy kids, and have a larger selection to draw from, but that's not the case. Instead we rely on the personal libraries of volunteers to the team, which means we have a very limited stock to draw from, and then people give us crap for not having variety. We could fix this if we had people volunteer that had slightly more eclectic/non-AAA tastes, but of course no one wants to volunteer for the same team that it's so fun to rip on.

    It's people like you and these kind of posts that make the RT a lose/lose situation for everyone involved. Cut these guys some slack - they're no professionals; they don't have the resources of professionals. Yet, even though this is clear to everyone, they still get held to the same standards as the douchebag college dropouts that get paid thousands of dollars to write good reviews for bad games.

    At least we're honest with what little we can offer you. Either step up and ask for a spot, so you can help fix what you see as broken even though it's so much more fun to complain, or accept the three minutes of decent reading time we give you and move on.

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    I actually disagree with many people on the Dishonored vs. Borderlands 2 front.

    Borderlands 2 was a game I enjoyed, but it doesn't really stack up because its a complete re-hash on many fronts. Don't get me wrong, I'm not standing up saying its awful... I don't want this to be an extremeist love or hate point. Its just not overtly original and, while very fun, ultimately feels like a re-packaging of Borderlands because they ran out of ideas and things to do with the first.

    In retrospect I wish I would have voted Journey #1, not #2, but I don't feel like a game that in 5 years I won't differentiate from its prequel deserves a GOTY nod for the same reason I'm not about to put Black Ops 2 on my list.

    Honestly a huge boost for Dishonored (for me) is its one of the very, very few games out there that your choices have a lasting impact on the environment.

    Quote Originally Posted by goldberg_malta View Post
    Journey is beeing mentioned quite alot, think i have to buy that
    Its an odd experience, one of those things that can only be accomplished in gaming. Its truly amazing.
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