Battlefield: Bad Company Review
by Kurisu-San

Developer: Digital Illusions (DICE)
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Date of North American Release: June 23rd 2008
Date of European Release: June 28th 2008
Trophies:51 Total- 1 3 5 42
Trophy Guide: Click Here

Battlefield: Bad Company is only but one of its franchise. It has recently made the leap from PC to console and it did so wearily, beacuse the jump wasn't followed up with great reviews (no I do not remember the title of the BATTLEFIELD game that first went to console but I think it was on the regular X-Box.) Among the mixed reviews, EA decided that they were going to follow it up with Bad Company. This is the first to utilize the Frostbite engine, and it did so magically. It is what changed the way you could play a FPS, because all the others required you to run and hide behind cover, pop out and then kill everyone while looking like the Easter Bunny. In Battlefield: Bad Company you can try that, but it wont get you very far when a rocket launcher or grenade launcher destroys your cover. Almost everything in the landscape can be destroyed (besides the frames of buildings sadly, I would have really liked to see a building fall to pieces but alas you can't.) But that doesn't draw away from the rest of the destruction and mayhem.

Everything about this game will continue to amaze you, even after earning platinum I can still easily state that I can go back and play this over and over as it is truly a magnificent game to play. Even then it doesn't feel hard and can easily suck up all of your life if you let it. I'm not a huge fan of FPS games, but this is really a game that will keep you coming back for more and more every time you put it down.

Even then that's not the only thing to draw you to this game. This was probably one of the biggest reasons to get into the PS3 over the 360, which was that the trophies came about a month after release and were retroactive, very seldom did you hear about a case where the trophies were not received. (I GOT SCREWED ON THIS ONE!!!) But The community on the PS3 division of this game was much larger than that of the 360, which in part has to do with the release of the Halo Franchise, which luckily decided to go downhill but that's Microsoft's problem.

I must say that the singleplayer campaign for Battlefield: Bad Company is probably my favorite regarding FPS. You follow the mis-adventures of Private Marlo, who has been transferred to B-Company, jokingly referred to by its inhabitants as "Bad Company" (instead of Bravo). The company leader is "Sarge" Redford who transferred from whatever company he was in to B-Company so that he'd shorten his term in the war. Then there is your demolitions expert, Haggard who mistakenly blew up the largest ammo cache in Iraq, followed by your intelligence operative, Sweetwater who is lovestruck by "Mike-One-Juliet" (the group's operator) and was placed in B-Company because he accidentally uploaded a virus onto the Military Secured Network (not an easy thing to do I'd reckon...).

One thing that really catches your attention is the dialog between your party members during the cut-scenes. Haggard and Sweetwater are generally at each others throats trying to one-up each other, and Haggard generally has something to say about anything. There is one mission where Haggard single handily infiltrates a small country... Leaving you to save his ass. However during game play this can become quite bothersome because it doesn't focus on the battle but on your group members yelling at each other. Often you'll run into a tank where only you can take it out even though Haggard has a rocket launcher on his back... Also the ending is completely bogus, and I cannot explain why without ruining the game. I do believe that the villain of the story isn't a primary adversary which we could have seen more fighting.

More often then not, you'll find yourself wanting more, which leads to disappointment when you come to the conclusion of the 7 mission story. The ability to break walls is a great asset and there is even a trophy for doing so, which is probably the equivalence of reading the game manual, but we all gotta do it so you might as well get it over with now. Also instead of adopting the common health barrier of Call of Duty or Resistance, BATTLEFIELD allows the user to regenerate their own health by means of an "Auto Injector." This simple addictive drug easily allows for even casual gamers to be able to play on the hardest difficulty without too much trouble, because you have infinite uses and it fully heals you. The timer on it isn't dreadfully long, but if you're caught in the middle of a firefight, prepare to run and drug yourself up.

Cover is of vital importance, but stay too long and prepare for the Frostbite Engine to kick in. DICE reports that it allows exactly 92% and by playing the game, that seems about accurate, though I don't figure how to tally that but I'm sure its safe to say we can trust their word. The frame cannot be destroyed nor can the floors. Portions of the roof as well as all walls can be taken out to clear way for your precious bullets. Trees, bushes as well as the many variations of motor-craft are available to you to do with what you please. As such, the ability to counter this is also at your fingertips. If an enemy is running from you and decides to hide, you'll be able to destroy whatever it is he is hiding behind and then take him out.

The multiplayer is the run-of-the-mill experience of the singleplayer campaign. There is a total of 5 classes with each of their own perks and abilities. This all depends on how high a rank you are and what investments you sent into the game. Each class has some of the special gadgets available to them from the main campaign. Some of which is the Auto-Injector for the "Assault" class and the Laser Designator for the "Recon" class. These are unlocked whenever you reach a specific rank and you'll unlock "tokens" that will unlock guns and gadgets. There are 2 guns and 2 gadgets for every class which transpires to 20 unlockable items for your multiplayer career. You will most undoubtably gain all of these as you rank up but the choice is up to you on which you choose to unlock first and then last.

The multiplayer is such as I've never seen before. I've delved into many games such as Call of Duty and Resistance, but DICE did one helluva job creating a drawn in game. I would have to say that this is also one of the most fun multiplayer games I have EVER played. This is possibly the only game I'd get 10,002 kills twice, which I am currently doing as I was cheated on my first profile, but that is another story for another time. All of the vehicles that are available to you are also available during multiplayer. Which adds an extra dimension to the game for die hard fans. You can even get to the point of killstreaks (that don't do anything,) which will notify you of certain checkpoints, e.g.
Kurisu-San kills Griefheart. (5 kill-streak)
Kurisu-San is on a killing spree.

In addition to everything, DICE has also made it so that people are available to unlock in-game awards, patches, and medals. These can range from killstreaks to headshots to healing your team mates (medic special ability) as well as roadkills to vehicles destroyed (with enemies in them.) Obviously one of my favorite multiplayers and for good reason, it is probably the best on the market to date. I am very excited to play the multiplayer for the next BATTLEFIELD and am looking forward to any new additions they have made.

You can always expect great voice-overs and dialog from EA, no I'm not joking, they have some excellent script writers and even better actors (I think The Sims should take some notes...) So you have an idea of where DICE stepped in, you can expect EXCELLENT conversations between your characters while playing Bad Company. The sounds in the game are excellent and I believe this to even rival Call of Duty's shell shock effect. Even after playing this game you can remember all the witty conversations between Haggard and Sweetwater and I still find myself laughing at Haggard. I truly loved the sound about this game, absolutely magnificent.

The visuals aren't that bad but they're not great either. The in-game cutscenes don't vary much from the actual gameplay and none of the effects are that great either. They certainly have room to improve but it was truly great explosions that made this game, much like any Spielberg movie eh? Again not much else to say but don't get yourself worked up too much, as they aren't the best but they certainly do well enough on the PS3.

Handling in the game is decent enough but I expect that you'll need to turn up the sensitivity on the controller to actually play this game at a higher difficulty, I HATE slow turning cameras! The layout of the controller is basic and any person familiar to a FPS will be able to pick up the game and play on the hardest difficulty without much trouble. If anyone is having any problems hearing dialog during a firefight or just likes to have them available, you can turn subtitles on in the options menu. I like this on video games, and even more on movies, due to the fact that you'll hear and understand a whole lot more about the game, and movie.

Trophy List:
The trophy list for BATTLEFIELD: Bad Company is certainly your generic FPS list, including both singleplayer and multiplayer trophies. Some of these trophies are easier as others and some are hard as hell. There are 51 total with 42 bronze, 5 silver, 3 gold, and 1 platinum. As with any other game, the platinum will be unlocked presuming you've unlocked all other 50 trophies. The only trophy that should stand in your way is Beans Bullets and Bandages and if you don't really try then I Am Bad Company! however if you really do try, I got the latter in under 1,000 kills so I estimate that it isn't even that much of a challenge, though some are boosted, i.e. air roadkills and boat roadkills.

Gameplay: 9/10
Singleplayer: 8/10
Multiplayer: 10/10

Overall: 8.8/10 Superb

I believe I can speak for everyone who has ever played this game that it is one of the better FPS games around. I do also believe I have stated before that I am not a major fan of FPS games but this one certainly takes a precedent over my hatred of shooters. If more games came out like this I'd probably change my view of shooters but until then I'm going to have to stay with my roleplays and my button mashers.