Call of Duty: World at War
by Ninja_Vampire

Basic Information:
Developer: Treyarch
Publisher: Activision
North American Release Date: 11th of November, 2008.
European Release Date: 14th of November, 2008.
Trophies: 44 18 2 1 (DLC trophies included)

As I previously mentioned in past reviews, I love games that are based on World War II. Call of Duty: World at War redefines the meaning of a WWII game in every sense, giving us the most realistic video game experience of WWII up to date, so you know I love it :p Taking factual elements of the war mixing it up with some very interesting fictional ideas makes Call of Duty: World at War a game that almost anyone can enjoy.

Part of the ever growing Call of Duty series, World at War was developed by Treyarch and published by Activision. This game had a lot to live up to in its time, due to its predecessor, Modern Warfare, being so successful. Although the popularity of Modern Warfare hinted that a more present day situation was the way to go, Treyarch stuck to their guns and created another WWII game. Was it worth it? We hope to find out!

The gameplay of World at War is something we have all seen before, but taken a step forward. Now I am not saying that this is the best FPS available, but at the time of this games release, there was very little else that could measure up to it in terms of gameplay. World at War controls beautifully, and although your character may not run as realistically as characters in other games such as Killzone 2, it just feels a lot easier to get from point A to point B. There is no actual cover system in the game, but being able to crouch and lie on the ground will make you even more resourceful with your cover and provides a perfect alternative. Fluid movement is always important in a first person game because you need to feel like you are in the game, and World at War definitely allows that.

Mr. Reznov is always around to lend a helpful hand, especially when under fire from snipers

Handling weapons is obviously another huge element of gameplay in any FPS, because you need to feel like you are actually firing a real gun, whether it be a small hand gun to a large machine gun. In World at War, I think the gun mechanics has been done very well, but at times, it feels almost too easy. Literally, you can kill any enemy, all the way across any map, with a hand gun. In fact, there is a trophy to do so on a certain General in one of the levels and this to me, feels almost like cheating. Aside from that, recoil from the guns and the way they actually fire is something that feels very authentic to me, although weapon experts may disagree.

World at War also gives us extra forms of gameplay in addition to the standard soldier type FPS, putting players in control of deadly tanks, destroying other enemy tanks and enemy bunkers, as well as the turrets of an American Blackcat, destroying Japanese Zeros while saving fellow soldiers who fell into the water. Both experiences are great as they expand from the routine missions and I felt personally that tanks were not included in the gameplay as much as they should have been, as they control very well and make your life a lot easier.

The story of World at War is set during World War II, showing us two different perspectives of the war from the Russians on their assault on Germany and the Americans on their assault on the Pacific. Players take control of 2 main characters (and another for one mission) that play a very significant part in the war, but not before some exciting and intense moments. I personally love World at Wars story as it mixes very factual elements of the war with an exciting fictional cast including Kiefer Sutherland and Gary Oldman. Fans of any explosive action films or of WWII will very much enjoy the story also.

Flamerthrowers make everything easier :]

As far as the main singleplayer game goes, there are 14 exhilarating missions to play through that will keep you very entertained. Most missions are quite similar, involving players to advance through heavily fortified enemy lines, but there is always a new element to each level such as using stationary MGs, flamethrowers or even mortars, everything a soldier needs to win the war :] World at War even includes collectables called Death Cards that are found in each level, and can be used to activate game altering cheats in the games minigame that I will get to in a moment.

World at Wars online multiplayer mimics that of Modern Warfare in almost every way, giving fans of the series a different era to play in, with some very extras. Players can choose between a variety of game modes such as the traditional Free for All or Team Deathmatch and even more tactical game modes like Headquarters or Domination. What ever your play style, there is a game mode that will suit you and keep you on this game for hours upon end.

Just like in Modern Warfare, players are again given the perk system, which gives each class 3 perks that allow an advantage in a certain area such as increased bullet damage or increased player health, making each opponent online a new unique challenge. What is new however to the online of World at War, is the addition of tanks on the maps. This creates a whole new deadly element to the combat, and an eternal struggle for who is in control of the tank, which always means chaos on the map. Not all is lost for those without tanks however, as there is plenty of items in your arsenal to take any mammoth tank down to scrap metal.

Nazi Zombies.... Oh my God....

Now we are on to World at Wars biggest selling point and, in my opinion, best part, Nazi Zombies. In this game mode, you do exactly what it says on the tin, fight off hordes and hordes of Nazi Zombies in an abandoned bunker/ airfield office. As bizarre as that may sound, this game mode is ridiculously entertaining and is one of the most unique gaming experiences you will play. The game is simple. You earn points for killing zombies and points are used to unlock different areas or weapons to hold off the horde for as many rounds as you can. This game can be played either solo or 2 player offline and 2-4 player online, demanding teamwork and co-operation.

The graphics and visuals of World at War are fantastic. From the gritty, dark streets of Germany to the beautiful landscapes of Japanese occupied islands, you will feel like you knew exactly what WWII was like. Each level brings a new setting and scene with amazing landmarks in the war including the Reichstag and the island of Peleliu. The characters of the game look quite decent but aren't anything spectacular and the guns look very much like the real models.

The Reichstag is a site to be seen.

The audio of World at War is definitely the best section of the technical in my opinion. Real effort was put into the voice acting, getting very well known actors to contribute (Keifer Sutherland and Gary Oldman as I mentioned earlier) to the awesome script was an excellent idea. All other sounds effects mix in perfectly with the combat such as terrifying explosions and roaring gunfire.

The trophies of World at War are quite challenging to obtain due to the Veteran difficulty that needs to be finished solo. Veteran can prove very difficult for most players due to the constant grenade spam but thankfully the checkpoints are quite plentiful. If you keep attempting this difficulty you will eventually come out on top. The only other trophy that may prove difficult is the trophy 'Sum of All Zeros' where you need to down 45 Japanese Zeros. If you follow online guides however, this trophy will come in time.

Gameplay: 8.8/10
Plays like the Call of Duty series with some added extras.

Singleplayer: 8.2/10
An amazing story with a very entertaining singleplayer game.

Multiplayer: 9.1/10
Brilliant on every aspect, just don't get to immersed in it like I did.

Technical: 7.9/10
Great voice acting and splendid visuals.

Overall: 8.4/10

If you are a fan of the Call of Duty series, or a fan of FPS at all, I would definitely recommend this game to you. With a surprisingly badass singleplayer, awesome script and an amazing multiplayer, this game provides hours upon hours of fun filled gameplay on and offline, solo or with a group of friends. If your interested in WWII and are looking to replay some of the epic events, you won't find a better game.