Disgaea 3
by Mesa

Basic Information:
Developer: Nippon Ichi
Publisher: Nippon Ichi(America), Square Enix (Europe)
North American Release Date: August 26, 2008
European Release Date:February 20, 2009
Trophies: x42 x5 x3 x1
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Disgaea is recognized as one of Nippon Ichi's most beloved franchises, starting back in 2003 with the original Disgaea Hour of Darkness which had received impressive reviews, and now Disgaea has shown up for the Playstation 3. Does it hold up to the standards set by the others before it, or is it just an average game? Read more to find out.

Disgaea 3 is a strategy RPG that is extremely deep. Like every game before it, it uses an isometric map in battle, with a grid based movement system, and battle ends once you kill all of your enemies. Simple as that. You are only allowed 10 units out on the map at a time, meaning you need to think about whom you need to use for that battle, but you can switch them out before dying by sending them back in through the Base Panel.

As always Nippon Ichi manages to cram a ton of new features in, without making it feel tacked on at the last moment. One of the major new features carried out into this game is the 'magichange' feature, which allows a monster to transform into a weapon for a temporary boost in power for your character. This makes battle trickier because not only can you use it, your enemies can too. They have also added in a new feature called 'evilities' which give you special status boosting abilities such as; "Star Body - Damage decreased by 50% when receiving star attack." You purchase these evilities from the Evility Labs and pay for them with Mana. Mana is gained when you kill any opponent in battle or when you use a skill or an item.

Another important thing in the game is the Classroom feature, where you can manage your team, assign clubs, and access the homeroom, which is like the Dark Assembly from the other games, and you spend your hard earned Mana to pass bills. Last but not least, we have the Item World, which is exactly what it looks like, you go inside an item and grind through random dungeons. How many floors an item has depends on it's type, a normal item has 30 levels, a rare item has 60, and a legendary item has 100 floors. Every ten floors you face a boss, which changes depending on what floor you are on. You face Item Generals on floors 10, 20, 40, 50, 70, and 80, Item Kings at on floors 30, 60, and 90, and the Item God at floor 100. All in all, I felt that this is the greatest so far, with a ton of new features challenging you to think of new strategies. No complaints here.

The plot revolves around the Overlords son Mao, who is the son of the Overlord of the Netherworld. The Netherworld in this game is a gigantic school, where the grounds are constantly expanding, The Overlord acts as Dean of the Evil Academy. Mao is considered the No.1 honor student in the entire Netherworld, but that doesn't mean he does his chores or attends class, in the Netherworld everything is flipped, with demons who always attend class and do kind deeds such as volunteer work are considered delinquents, and the Honor Students are the ones who have never shown up for a day of school in their life.

The whole Singleplayer mode prepares you for what you should be doing at endgame, and is a pretty long campaign, at least 30+ hours. It'll also challenge you to play again to get all the endings, but do not lose heart, once you beat the game it gives you the choice of either starting over with all of your characters stats the way they are currently, or just playing all of the end game content.

Disgaea 3 looks the same as every other Disgaea that's been out, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, I personally think that the game's 2d sprites set it apart from other games out there. My only complaint in the graphics section is one that I've had since the start, most of the upgraded monster classes are just pallete swaps.

As far as sound goes, it's great. As always Tenpai Sato has created some great tracks, I'm not disappointed at all for the music section of the game.
The voice acting though, is just so-so. Some characters nailed it, such as Almaz, but some like Mao in my opinion weren't as good. Ultimately it's whether or not you like the voice acting. It does have language options though, so if you don't like the english that much try the japanese.
So for this part, Music was great, Voice Acting was meh.

If you aim to get the trophies for this game I only have one thing to say, you're going to be working on these for a long time. The main time consuming trophies are the Pirate trophies, as in -Defeat Garden Pirates. The only reason these take a while is because they appear randomly. It's really a matter of if you like grinding for a billion years or not. If you do, you'll love the trophies for Disgaea, if you don't well... not so much. Personally I felt the trophies were generally well thought out, with some super easy to get and some really hard.

Gameplay: 9/10

Singleplayer: 8/10

Technical: 7/10

Overall: 8.5/10 Superb

Disgaea 3 is an excellent game, that's just addictive. It's worth a try, as it's bound to be cheaper by now. One of my favorite games on the Playstation 3, I strongly recommend you purchase this game.