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2011 Review Team Game of the Year Awards: Overall Game of the Year 2011

This is a discussion on 2011 Review Team Game of the Year Awards: Overall Game of the Year 2011 within the Game Reviews forum, part of the Trophy Guides, Reviews & Articles; I really do think that Deus Ex deserved the GOTY title.....back in the year 2000, not now in 2011. I ...

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    I really do think that Deus Ex deserved the GOTY title.....back in the year 2000, not now in 2011.

    I rather look at the GOTY list on spiketv, with skyrim on the 1st place and batman AC 2nd.

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    wasn't ME2 released last year?

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    Quote Originally Posted by antoniosbandana View Post
    ME2 made one of these things, finally. Also HOLY SHIT I need to get Deus Ex soon.
    You would not believe how many votes I gave that game. I think it was 1st or 2nd in my Overall, Singleplayer, and Technical Achievement lists. Multiplayer was obviously a no-go, and anyone who's played the first game wouldn't be surprised at how great it is, although some might be surprised at the changes between the two.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wrath-of-God View Post
    I can't say anything about Batman and Skyrim cause i didn't play neither.

    I'm actually playing Deus EX, and the 1st OK, but i'm a really fun of uncharted series (yes the uncharted 2 is the best, the big jump, uncharted 3 is just a great game, maybe a 10/10 game, a perfect one, but didn't have the gamour of uncharted 2, don't have the UAAAAW felling cause everyone was waitng for a great game).

    Mass effect 2, what i can say?? is a 2010 game, ask everyone with a XBox. Dead Space 2 is in the line of the original, so is fantastic. As some one said... What the hell is Infamous 2???

    Finnaly PORTAL 2. Of course it deserves the 2nd, and maybe the 1st, and the reason is just one. INNOVATION.
    It's a 2011 release for Playstation users, so that counts. Especially since most of them haven't played the first game (although yes, obviously some will have played it on Xbox or PC).

    Quote Originally Posted by DJ_Keyser View Post
    Do you know what I find funny? This is basically a poll on what the Review Team found to be the Game Of The Year and members of the Review Team are arguing the integrity of said poll. I love it!
    All being said, there's always going to be disagreements on topics such as these. I think all games mentioned were brilliant, and rather than argue over the order of the perceived magnificence, I'm going to thank my lucky stars that we were blessed with such an outstanding roster of captivating games this year. Kudos to the industry.
    It's because we all hate each other, alhtough I love Nagflar and wish I were as awesome as him.

    And as a general message to everyone: none of these games are bad; obviously, they wouldn't be on our lists if they were. Something most (although apparently not all) of us can agree is that all of these titles are superb - as Gauss has demonstrated by telling you all how closely contested this was, the ordering of first, second, third and so on is mostly personal opinion, and done mostly to incite conversation like this. It matters very little the exact ordering of each pick here so long as the majority of the great games are represented: Mass Effect 2, Skyrim, Deus Ex, Dead Space 2, Batman, etc. All of these games, and others you didn't see like Uncharted, made most of our lists. All of them should be played, enjoyed, and lauded, regardless of their final position in these picks.
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    I am surprised that ME2 is up there and not Arkham City. Deus Ex looks promising.

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    I'm very pleased with the top 3 pick ups they are without a doubt for me the 3 best experiences in gaming this year, i'm also glad to see DS2 in the top 5

    Feel free to add me if you want!

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