inFamous Review
by Ninja_Vampire

Basic Information:
Developer: Sucker Punch Productions
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
North American Release Date: 26th of May, 2009.
European Release Date: 29th of May, 2009.
Trophies: 37 11 1 1

I often thought to myself while playing the GTA series, 'How awesome would this be if I could have super powers too?'. Well, guess what? Now you can! Well.... Kind of :p InFamous takes superhero sandbox games to a whole new level with exciting and innovative gameplay, and a story that will keep you entertained and shocked at the same time.

Developed by Sucker Punch Productions, InFamous exploded onto the PS3 in early '09, surprising many people with its addictive and fun gameplay. Sucker Punch Productions were famous for the Sly Copper series on the PS2, but with InFamous, they dramatically changed the direction they decided to take their games. With a large fanbase and a sequel on it's way, the InFamous franchise is becoming one of the major PS3 exclusives.

The gameplay of InFamous takes elements from many different types of gaming genres and molds them into one fairly large scale action adventure. Playing as someone with superpowers is always welcome and playing as someone with electrical superpowers is even better as I always say. One game that InFamous may remind players of is Spiderman 2 on the PS2, so fans of that will instantly be at home.

The basis of gameplay in InFamous is controlling Cole and his electricity. Cole has a large amount of powers that he can learn and perform, depending on what his karmic balance is like, but they all involve him emitting some sort of electricity :p Also, because Cole is so packed with energy, he is unable to either drive or shoot a gun, which the game clears up very quickly at the start xD This of course is of no problem to Cole, as guns do not match up to his lightning bolts and cars do not match up to his rail grinding abilities. And he is not only known for his rail grinding, Cole can also scale buildings in seconds in an Assassin's Creed manner and jump off said building without even a scratch. With a large amount of cool and deadly skills and a very nimble agile main character, the gameplay of InFamous would be difficult to dislike.

Who doesn't enjoy hanging off railway pillars shooting electricity bombs?

Missions are very varied in there tasks. One mission could be a simple 'eliminate enemies' mission, and the following could be stalking someone while running along rooftops. Variety of gameplay is something that many games lack, but InFamous is definitely not one of them, making the main storyline of InFamous easy to playthrough and enjoy. Side missions are also plentiful, with even more selection of missions to choose from ranging from helping a photographer to saving someones brother who has been taken hostage. Side missions also give players opportunities to power up skills and such, which is great incentive to do them all.

In Infamous, you take control of Cole, a delivery-boy (or man, I'm not sure what to call that profession :p) from Empire City who has wound up in a pretty crappy situation. While delivering a certain mysterious package, Cole is ordered to open it and in doing so, creates a huge electrical explosion wiping out a large part of the city. Surviving the blast, Cole returns to his friend Zeke and girlfriend Trish where he discovers that the explosion has given him some sort of powers involving electricity. Meanwhile, the explosion has put the entire city into quarantine, thus the city spirals into anarchy with the drug addicts and bums now controlling the city, striking fear into everyone of its citizens with violence and mayhem. As the story progress, Cole's powers grow stronger, and he is pulled in to help fix the city with the assistance and guidance of powers on the outside. The story of InFamous starts out a tad slowly, but the further you get into the game, the more interesting things become, including some twists that will absolutely shock you.

I'm coming Trish! Evil style! xD

Not only playing a part on the gameplay, the karmic balance also plays a hefty role on the storyline of InFamous. Whether you decided to be downright evil, a Holy Joe or somewhere in the middle, it will all effect how the plot progresses and the outcome of the ending, giving instant replay value to the game. I mean, who doesn't like being a supervillain as well as a superhero? xD The single player in InFamous is top quality and offers more than enough for up to 40 hours in a single playthrough.

Portraying a city in chaos is no easy task, but Sucker Punch Productions definitely pulled it off in this game. With the areas in Empire City ranging from the suburbs to industrial to downtown, InFamous packs in all the likely areas that a real city would have, but adding the destructive element to it, creating quite an intense atmosphere when needed. In saying this however, although the graphics are above par, they are nothing special. They are perfectly adequate and are very nice at times, but very little about the graphics of this game will blow you away. Quite cool parts about the visual in InFamous in my opinion would be the lightning effects (especially if you are evil and have dark red electricity :]) and the comic book art work that pops up now and again to fill you in with the story.

As you can see, the art work is pretty awesome.

The audio of InFamous works perfectly with the game. Cole sounds like a total badass which is always good and the enemies sound like spastics, which is also always good. When you zap an enemy with one of your over the top moves, you will just love the sound of them frying, so they definitely got the sound effects right too. The music was composed by a large group of very talented musicians, so you can only expect good things on that front, which is quite evident.

The trophies in InFamous require you to play the game as both a villain and a good guy, which automatically means you are looking at two playthroughs. I recommend playing as good the first time round, because playing as a villain is a lot more fun, and will give you that extra encouragement to get the platinum xD One trophy that annoys many people is the trophy achieved for collecting the 300 and something shards scattered throughout the city. It can be a daunting task, but with a guide it is very achievable.

Gameplay: 8.6/10
A very entertaining, unique and exhilarating gaming experience that won't let you down.

Singleplayer: 8.7/10
A story that takes an everyday man and gives him superpowers, with twists and turns all over the place can very rarely be a bad thing.

Technical: 8.3/10
Pretty graphics with very nice scenery paired with awesome sound effects makes this technical experience very enjoyable.

Overall: 8.5/10 Terrible... I mean AWESOME
Personally I was quite skeptical of InFamous at first, but when I was given it on my birthday by a friend and got 30 minutes in, I immediately loved it. I find it very difficult to find anything at all seriously wrong with InFamous, so if you enjoy either sandbox titles, or comicbooks, get this game and you won't be disappointed. It is a credit to call InFamous a PS3 exclusive, so common guys, you gotta be loyal to Playstation, get this game!