LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues Review
by transformer27

Basic Information:
Developer: Traveller's Tales
Publisher: LucasArts
Date of North American Release: 17th November 2009
Date of European Release: 20th November 2009
Trophies: Yes

I have always enjoyed the LEGO games from the very first Star Wars game which came out back in 2005, but, as seen in LEGO Batman, the whole franchise was beginning to get a little stale. This time around sees the same style of play and graphics mixed with an all-new level/character builder in the same vein as LittleBigPlanet, but does it even come close to it in quality? This edition in the LEGO series brings you all four Indiana Jones films wrap up in one game and that alone is worth the asking price. Each film 'hub' contains 15 levels, split into 5 story levels, 5 treasure levels and 5 bonus levels.

The 'hub' itself is based on the levels within the story and hide collectibles and also the unlockable driving and flying missions. The first three films have one hub each but the new film is split into 3 hubs, so there are a total of 45 levels of play just for the new film, but, and this is something I only half expected, the levels for the older films are not the levels from the first game, but all-new levels based on different parts of the films.

Each hub have their own characters and vehicles to unlock by either completing levels or finishing the driving/flying missions. There are also 10 red, 10 green and 10 blue LEGO bricks hidden around each hub to find. Collecting all these bring you some extras needed to complete the game easier. After completing all levels, an extra bonus level is unlocked for that hub.

New features to the game include the level creator, where you can design your own levels based on the standard backdrops from the normal levels, there is not as much freedom in this as LittleBigPlanet's level creator, but is still a fun new addition. You can also create your own characters and use them in your newly created levels. Overall probably one of the biggest (in content) LEGO games to date.

We all know that the gameplay in the LEGO games has never really changed much since the first one made its debut four years ago, but does it really need to change? It is, after all just a child's game and should stay relatively simple to use. I think what we needed in a new LEGO game was new play modes, which have been delivered in the way of the new level builder, which is not going to change the face of gaming and was obviously never going to compete with LBP, but it is fun. The level builder itself is easy to use, which is expected really, considering the target audience.

The options available in the level builder are determined by how much of the story mode has been completed, and new features are unlocked when you complete the levels in the game. There are some tutorials, which need to be completed before attempting to build your own adventure, but again these are simple. Different characters in the builder have different objects to use in your levels and the more tutorials you complete the more builder characters you unlock.

Overall, including all four film 'hubs' (6 hubs in total) and the level editing features, there is plenty to keep you going, and even though the platinum will not be too difficult, it will take you more than a few hours to complete.

The singleplayer experience is pretty much the same as the LEGO games before it in respect to the standard levels, but with that comes the extra bonus/treasure levels all wrapped up in a related themed hub, where you have to unlock all characters/vehicles, find all the hidden bricks and become a true adventurer on all 15 levels to reach the 100% mark. Reaching 100% on each 'hub' is only really necessary if you are going for the platinum as this is one of the hidden trophies.

You start the game with just The Crystal Skull part 1 unlocked, and to unlock the next part you have to complete all five story levels, which are very easy, and should cause no problems to anyone over the age of 3! Having a central hub which holds the story mode together gives a bigger sense of freedom to the game and makes it feel less linear. Don't get me wrong though, there are still many poor parts to the game, including the way too familiar back-drops and the boring old gameplay style.

I have managed to get 77% on the trophies so far and have enjoyed the game more than I had expected, after LEGO Batman, which was pretty poor. I expected just another run of the mill, money making, cheaply made piece of crap, but, I was mildly surprised. There is more on offer here, the hidden bricks alone will take you a while to find and the small vehicle races split the game up nicely.

But the reason this game stands out for me, over the more recent LEGO games, is the size, all four films are here, with over 90 levels and 6 hubs to explore including 6 extra super bonus levels and a Level/Character creator section, all adds up to a massive game which will keep any fan going for hours on end.

There are a few issues with the game, including freezing between level end and returning to the hub, the super bonus levels seem to play with a less fluid frame rate than the rest of the game and feel like they were rushed to be included in the game at the last minute. I personally have found a few problems including finishing a hubs 15 levels and finding all hidden bricks, but with a character or vehicle still locked and with no obvious way to unlock it.

So after playing for the game for a mere 32 hours I am stuck with 4 hubs at 95ish % with no obvious way to complete them, which is annoying. Apart from my gripes and a few small but obvious flaws this game is still worth a pick-up, but is way to long just for a rental.

Unfortunately you never seem to get away from the fact that this game feels cheap and rushed. Technically it should have been better, but it could have been a lot worse!

Gameplay: 7/10
Singleplayer: 8.5/10
Multiplayer: N/A
Technical: 7/10

Overall: 7.5/10 Good

Overall this game offers 35+ hours of play and you will need to play more for the platinum. I am at 77% after 32 hours and am still enjoying the game, although it is dragging a little. It is not the worst game I have played by a long way and is worth buying if/when the price drops a little. If you are a fan of the LEGO series you will not be disappointed. In the end, this game should not be taken too seriously but most should enjoy the simplistic style, and the platinum is a worthwhile addition to anyone's trophy collection.

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