Red Faction: Guerrilla Review
By XxBlackcat008xX

Basic Information:

Developer: Volition
Publisher: THQ
North American Release: June 2, 2009
European Release: June 5, 2009
Trophies: 49 8 3 1
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In this game, you play as a man named Alec Mason, who just arrived on Mars to see his brother Dan and to get a job as a miner. Dan tries to convince Alec to join the Red Faction, a rebel group fighting to liberate mars from the Earth Defense Force (EDF) but Alec refuses. Dan is revealed to be a wanted criminal according to the EDF who then kill him and leave Alec a reason to join the Red Faction.

This game uses the Geo-Mod engine, the Geo-Mod engine made it into the "Top 10 Best Game Engines of This Generation" list. what makes this engine so good, is that it makes almost everything in the game completely destructible. The best way I describe it to people is "If you can see it, you can destroy it". That sentence holds true for the most part.

Red Faction: Guerrilla is an open-world third person shooter in which everything is destructible. The game starts you off quick, in one of the first missions; you are already infiltrating an EDF strong point in order to capture hostages. The game is based on doing Guerilla actions, which unlock the main story missions. Guerrilla actions are what most other games would call side missions. These can range from time trials to destroying everything in sight. Guerrilla actions raise morale, (which will increase the amount of allies and ammo in the ammo boxes), lower EDF control (which unlocks story missions) and give you salvage (which is the game’s currency).

There are nine types of guerrilla actions, six of which can be found by looking at an icon on your map, and the other three are done when you get a radio call from one of the Red Faction’s leaders. For the most part, it works out really well, but after you complete the game and you are trying to spawn a radio call, you will often get a convoy mission from all the way across the map.

Another way you can increase morale and decrease EDF control is by destroying EDF buildings. EDF Buildings are marked in red on your map with some buildings marked with a star, which means the building is of middle importance, and a star with an arrow which means the building is of high importance. The difficulty it takes to destroy a building is based on its importance to the EDF.

A few things that this game has that makes no sense at all, but at the same time would make the game incredibly difficult if the game did not have it, would be the locations of the ammo boxes and people giving you their cars. Some of the ammo boxes (which, might I mention are labeled with the Red Faction logo) are placed where anyone of the EDF with the right mind would have no trouble confiscating. Some of them are placed right next to an EDF intelligence building (nice intel). But at the same time, without it, destroying some of these buildings would be extremely difficult.

Secondly, when you go up to a vehicle that is being driven and press triangle, the person then willingly exits the car and gives it to you (they then say something along the lines of; they would do anything to help the Red Faction). There has got to be someone that would not give up their vehicle (which will inevitably be destroyed), and just give Alec a ride. But at the same time it would not work without it. Alec stealing the car makes him seem like an anti-hero and it also shows that people would do anything to get rid of the EDF’s tyranny. The difficulty curve is very smooth and fair; at no point does it just drop or rise suddenly.

The story really doesn’t exist as much as you might want it to, some of the characters in the game that are supposed to be major characters are not even introduced, some of the Red Faction and all of the EDF. And, the two biggest characters in the game besides Alec, who are Samyana (Sam) and the Red Faction commander, are introduced and are rarely ever seen again, Sam appears in a few cut scenes and all of the safe houses, and the commander is never seen after he is introduced. Another drawback is that the final objective pretty much doesn’t exist until you have liberated all 6 sectors (and the secret 7th sector is opened up) and you think you’ve completed the game.

The singleplayer is pretty long, it will run you about ten to fifteen hours to beat the game on the hardest difficulty but it will take you upwards of twenty-five to thirty hours to complete the game to 100%.

Online for this game is great, it has a nice party system that works well and matchmaking works well, although it can take up to two minutes, due to low ownership of this game. I personally haven’t been on in a while but, when I was on, the only major drawback to matchmaking was the playlists, which if you remember the Resistance: Fall of Man matchmaking was similar to.

There will be some occasions where you want to play a certain game type and will get another game type from that playlist. The online supports a good amount of players under multiple game types. It has the traditional deathmatch and capture the flag, but where the game really shines is where it uses its destructive environment, there are three game types that utilize it, Demolition, Siege, and Damage control.

In Demolition, one person is chosen to be the destroyer and he gets the team points for…well…destroying and your team will also get points for destroying the other team’s destroyer. In Siege, one team attacks certain buildings while the other team defends them. Damage Control has a king of the hill aspect to it, there are three control points which can be repaired and destroyed, when you repair it, you control it and get points (one per control point per two seconds, if you control all three, you get six points per two seconds).

Online also features backpacks, which are essentially the equivalent of Resistance 2’s berserks, the only difference is that these can only be changed while the person is alive, instead of before respawning.

Another multilayer thing that was added is the wrecking crew mode, wrecking crew is a party mode that involves up to 4 players blowing stuff up for points. It works well, but I personally never had too much fun playing it.

This game is probably what you would expect in graphics and textures but where this game really stands ahead is the destructible buildings. Just about every man-made structure in this came can be raised to the ground. This works out really well…sometimes.

On multiple occasions, a building can be held up by one single wall, or sometimes only even a pillar. But once you get the building to fall down it is as believable as I Can't Believe its Not Butter, I mean really, I actually can't believe it isn't actually butter. Of course, the fact that you can knock down anything on its own is pretty amazing and is bound to have a few bugs.
One last thing is that in sectors that have a steep slope like a mountain or cliff, namely Badlands, Eos, and in some places Oasis, there are places where you can see the landscape forming ahead of you, its not much to complain about, but it exists and is definitely a drawback.

Gameplay: 9/10 Brilliant
Singleplayer: 5/10 Tolerable
Multiplayer: 9/10 Brilliant
Technical: 8/10 Superb

Overall: 9/10 Brilliant

The only thing that is holding this game back is it's Singleplayer campaign. This game is a definite buy for any fans of Ratchet and Clank. The game works well and is very fun. The engine holds up through the beating you will throw at it throughout your hours of playing. This game presents itself well without anything effecting the gameplay, which, in this game, is great. The multiplayer is one of the best that I have played in a while and it deserves a solid score. This game is definitely worth the money.