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LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Review

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    LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Review

    Banner by jamm6512

    LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean
    by Nagflar

    Basic Information:
    Developer: Traveller's Tales
    Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
    North American Release Date: 5/10/2011
    European Release Date: 5/13/2011
    Trophies: 25 12 3 1


    LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean is the newest LEGO game to date, which was used to fill our yearly quota of LEGO games by using an established franchise such as PotC (and taking advantage of the new movie that was being released). It features practically all the characters in the 4 movies, as well as 20+ levels.


    The gameplay hasn't really changed at all since the last LEGO games. It has the same drop-in/drop-out system for co-op that makes the game easy to play with another player, the same control scheme and the same idea of having different characters with different abilities. In this case, this is one of two thinks that make this game different from previous entries: the character abilities. Among the new ones added, there's the specialy ability for Jack Sparrow to use his compass in order to find goodies (among them quest-items), Gibbs' to forge stuff, women characters to double jump, and even Blackbeard's, which consists of using his badass magical sword to move stuff and some character's ability to breath and walk underwater.

    Davey Jones explores the underwater city of Atlantis, like a boss.

    The other major 'change', are the sword fights. When fighting your enemis with most of the characters, you'll obviously take out your sword and will start spamming the square button (which is the default attack button, like in previous games), which will lead to a sword fight between you and your so-called enemy. After a couple of seconds spamming the button, your character will land a hit and the sword-fight will continue until one of you dies. While a nice addition (and one that makes boss fights last a little longer), it does remind me of the LEGO Star Wars lightsaber battles.


    The singleplayer obviously follows the story of Captain Jack Sparrow and his 'exploits' during all of the 4 movies. Obviously, they couldn't follow the movies as closely as they could have due to LEGO games having no dialogues and because every movie consists of just 6 levels (like other LEGO games), so they had to leave some stuff out, but what we have is a faihtfull representation of what the movies have to offer, including some clever puzzles and very well made level designs that make replaying the levels much more enjoyable.

    Captain Barbossa wonders whether the Apple deserves to be eaten by him.

    The story follows the advantures of Captain Jack Sparrow throughout the movies, from fighting off a pirate zombie crew to regain his old ship, to fighting the legendary Davey Jones and his Kraken and to finding the fabled Fountain of Youth. All in all, the story isn't all that magnificent, but it does entertain one enough to keep interest in finishing the game and playing all the levels.


    The multiplayer is the same as before, thanks to the LEGO games drop-in/drop-out system. Having a hard time playing a level ebcause the AI is stupid and sucks? No worries! Call your brother/sister/friend/mother/dog, coach them, and the puzzle will be a walk in the park! And if you don't know the answer, maybe they'll find out.

    Playing levels in co-op not only makes everything faster and more entertaining when playing through the levels, but it also adds the competitiveness thanks to the studs you find throughout the levels. There's also something about trying to kill your partner's character that never gets old.

    Here's an example of a sword fight.


    The game features the same musical score from the movies, which will make fans feel at home and will make the player feel awesome while doing some of the memorable scenes from the movies (like the final fight with Davey Jones at the top of the boat).The graphics also seem a little better than in previous games, but the change is hardly there.

    Now, regarding glitches and bugs, I've hardly found them. If anything, they were just minor errors that weren't game-breakers (like in past LEGO games), although that was just me. This might be the beginning of anew era in which Tt will start really testing their games and get rid of those lame glitches/bugs that plagued previous entries, so let's be happy.


    The trophies are very similar to all other LEGO games, so they can be summarized as this: Get 100%, like 10 other miscellaneous trophies, and you'll get that shiny platinum trophy. Nothing too hard nor complicated, although you could have problems finding every chartacter in the harbor (I'm looking at you, fishmen!)

    Closing Thoughts

    LEGO PotC is yet another solid entry in the LEGO franchise, but the big similarity with all the other games might turn some people off. If anything, Tt should try to find a way to make their games more innovative and should definitely get a new engine (that might fix all those bugs/glitches too).

    Gameplay: 8/10
    Few additions but still good.

    Singleplayer: 8/10
    Nice adaptation from the movies, level design and humor make it very entertaining.

    Multiplayer: 8/10
    Still fun and entertaining. It also makes going through the levels much faster.

    Technical: 8/10
    Nice improvement from past games (regarding gltiches/bugs), but that engine is getting old.

    Overall: 8/10

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    im playing it now and i love it

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