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Toy Story 3 Review

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    Toy Story 3 Review

    Toy Story 3: Official Review
    by Curse

    Basic Information:
    Developer: Avalanche Software
    Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
    North American Release Date: 15th June 2010
    European Release Date: 16th July 2010
    Trophies: 1 3 13 22

    The Toy Story 3 video game is based around the events of the Toy Story 3 film, the long awaited sequel to Toy Story 2. I feel that the Toy Story films are a key part to the childhood of most of us born in the late 80's/90's, so as of such it is typical to feel skeptical about the newer film. The film turned out to be a hit personally, but you may be left thinking that this is just another cheap game ported from a film. You would be wrong, as this is one of the best movie games I've played.

    The game is mainly catered to suit a younger audience, but despite this the gameplay doesn't feel over simplified. The weight and feel of the game does make it feel like you're playing through the movies. By this I mainly mean the lightness of the jumping, the pacing of the movement etc. It does feel like you're playing through a pixar film. All of this is a good thing, it feels childish but fun all the way through, not once did I feel that I wasn't having fun with the game. The game is a platformer, meaning everything you do mainly involves climbing, defeating enemies etc. In the main story portion of the game you have access to three characters, buzz, woody and jessie. All three of them are evenly matched physically, the only main difference is that they each have a unique special move. Woody can use his pull string to reach high up places, buzz is stronger and can throw people further and Jessie is more agile meaning she can balance on thin platforms. As of such, utilizing all three characters abilities is needed to progress.

    Familiar characters from the film are appropriately placed throughout the levels

    The singleplayer is split into two portions, the story mode and toybox mode. The story mode loosely follows that of the film, it's spread across a decent amount of levels with increasing difficulty, and what I liked the most was the variation in gameplay. I never once came back thinking that I'd just done something similar, which is good to see, I was never left thinking that something looks like a carbon copy of a previous level. As I mentioned, the story is only loosely based on the film, which leaves space for the game to venture off into its own imagination and bring us more gameplay orientated levels. Meaning that instead of following the script you'll be grinding along rails through space, or saving orphans in the wild west, it's as though you're playing within Andy's imagination. To keep the game approachable to all ages, if you find yourself constantly failing on a section, the game will allow you to skip, or offer you a helping hand through said section.

    The toybox mode is where it sets the game apart from others however, to sum it up quickly, think of it as littlebigplanet, mixed with a regular free-roaming sandbox game. The toybox is set in the wild west, and based around the main toys from the game. Your main goal is to create your own town, to do so you'll wish to unlock new items, and to unlock new items you'll need to complete missions. The whole thing is Toy Story related, meaning that you'll recognize all of your favorite toys, ontop of that you'll unlock costumes and decorations that are themed from other pixar movies, which is nice to see. It felt like a breath of fresh air to play something that was more on the original side than other movie-games, the toybox mode adds a lot of replayability that the story mode misses out on, and really sets this game apart from others. Ontop of that, there is drop-in, drop-out split screen play which adds to the fun

    Toybox mode can be a ton of fun

    Looks-wise the game is great, the main character models look near perfect when you're used to seeing them on the big screen, with the variation of levels it's nice to see each level looking uniquely pleasing on the eye in their own way. The soundtrack is just typically Toy Story, and it does make you feel at home with the game, on top of that there's the Randy Newman "You've got a friend in me" playing through the main menu, which has to put a smile on anyones face. Ontop of that, they've bought in the whole voice cast from the film (Except for the voices of Buzz & Woody, but you barely notice) and that also adds to the authentic feel of the game. Whilst playing through the game I barely came across a single bug/glitch or odd looking texture issue.

    The trophies basically push you to complete nearly everything in the game. There's collectable trophies to be had throughout the story mode, then to collect all of the gold medals in the toy box mode, but as per usual, to collect all of the medals you will have done practically everything there is to do in the toy box.

    Closing Thoughts
    Toy Story 3 brings a great nostalgic feeling with it, along with a large amount of fun to be had. Not just an average movie game, and not just for kids

    Gameplay: 7/10
    Nothing wrong with it, but nothing great about it

    Singleplayer: 9/10
    Great lasting appeal, and it's nice to see some fresh ideas in a movie game

    Technical: 7/10
    Again, no problems but it's nothing out of the ordinary

    Overall: 7/10

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    After reading this..I think I may throw this on my "To Get" list =) Awesome review XD
    All credit goes to Athena
    All credit goes to Auburn

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