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Religious beliefs/points of view?

This is a discussion on Religious beliefs/points of view? within the General Chit-Chat forum, part of the Off Topic Chat; AMAZING, that cengizbobengiz was dumb enough to reply with EXACTLY what i said he would xD acting as if im ...

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    AMAZING, that cengizbobengiz was dumb enough to reply with EXACTLY what i said he would xD acting as if im the one blindly accepting what i beleive, no, im the one with the evidence and proof, your the one with nothing,how do you prove something is old? carbon dating? hel lthat dont work, test a live animal and it shows up as a million years dead, "how do you know that rocks a million years old?" "Beacause this rocks a million years old" "Well how do you know that rock is..?" "Because this rock is.." DAHECK! stop being an idiot and go look at the proof, oh and to everyone who made those lengthy messages above me sticking up for god, nice one amigos lol but its a pity because no matter what you write, these people will NOT accept it, if god appeared in front of them they wouldnt beleive, because they dont WANT to, they can be warned, but they refuse to beleive the evidence right in front of there noses..

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    Kerwan you are a moron for making this thread.

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    so since this has turned ugly and into a debate, time for a closing. K? Thanks
    K? Thanks

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