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Stefan's Amazing Steam Adventures! (Hilarious)

This is a discussion on Stefan's Amazing Steam Adventures! (Hilarious) within the General Chit-Chat forum, part of the Off Topic Chat; Hello there people! I'd like today to share with you my top-favorite Steam moments, for both yours and my amusement. ...

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    Stefan's Amazing Steam Adventures! (Hilarious)

    Hello there people! I'd like today to share with you my top-favorite Steam moments, for both yours and my amusement. It's basically everything, from chat-logs with silly people to screenshots. Whether it's worth laugh or not, I'll leave up to you to decide

    Also, be sure to check out my steam profile (NSFW at some point)

    Me on Steam (Under the nickname Kurumi) pretending to be girl and fooling some innocent people, check out the chat-logs I've gathered:
    Dseed: so that I'm even slighly disturbed by this conversationDseed: when talking about such degrading things, I almost feel like crying while cutting myself sometimes
    Dseed: not much, just a little cut
    ŠKurumiŠ: Nothing turns me on like guys who hurts themselves

    ŠKurumiŠ: Hey there soldiers boy
    ŠKurumiŠ: How are you doing? :*
    ŠKurumiŠ: soldier boy*
    ŠKurumiŠ: forgive me
    ŠKurumiŠ: I'm a little bit tired
    ŠKurumiŠ: Had a rough day today
    GROF.xtrmsnpr: heeeeeeeeeya
    GROF.xtrmsnpr: im good
    ŠKurumiŠ: Glad to hear this
    GROF.xtrmsnpr: just relaxing at home..with my new tablet..and talking with a girl who were here at the evening
    GROF.xtrmsnpr: how about u?
    ŠKurumiŠ: Like I said
    ŠKurumiŠ: I'm tired
    GROF.xtrmsnpr: why??
    GROF.xtrmsnpr: what have u done?
    ŠKurumiŠ: Been doing errands
    ŠKurumiŠ: on city
    ŠKurumiŠ: for my family bussines
    ŠKurumiŠ: and I had to help my friend
    GROF.xtrmsnpr: what a good girl
    ŠKurumiŠ: Yes
    ŠKurumiŠ: I am a good girl
    ŠKurumiŠ: At least for now lol
    GROF.xtrmsnpr: when i came out of the camp today..ive done some family work too..but i was like a zombie..cuz i slept 4hrs at night..

    GROF.xtrmsnpr: well kurumi
    GROF.xtrmsnpr: i will head to bed
    GROF.xtrmsnpr: n watch a movie
    ŠKurumiŠ: Very well
    ŠKurumiŠ: Good night
    GROF.xtrmsnpr: i will send u later
    ŠKurumiŠ: See you tommorow
    GROF.xtrmsnpr: if u r not here we will speak on saturday for aaaaallll day get to know each other
    GROF.xtrmsnpr: tomorrow i will be on duty
    GROF.xtrmsnpr: i will sleep in the military camp..

    ŠKurumiŠ: Well I don't want to disturb ya but one last question
    ŠKurumiŠ: Do you like co-ops?
    ^2>^0W^1.^0P^2<^1R^0asputin: What a "stupid" question!
    ^2>^0W^1.^0P^2<^1R^0asputin: I love them more than multiplayer vs
    ^2>^0W^1.^0P^2<^1R^0asputin: And, you're not disturbing!
    ŠKurumiŠ: Thank you :*

    ??Colton??: How come
    ??Colton??: you have
    ??Colton??: decided
    ??Colton??: To help me with this?
    ŠKurumiŠ: Becuz I think you're a nice guy
    ??Colton??: but
    ??Colton??: before
    ??Colton??: you said it wasnt a good idea
    ŠKurumiŠ: But now I see your resolve
    ??Colton??: Your a great person
    ŠKurumiŠ: Oh geez I'm no one specific
    ??Colton??: A great person
    ??Colton??: your nice
    ??Colton??: and helpful

    GROF.xtrmsnpr: got facebook?
    ŠKurumiŠ: Yes but only for irl ppl
    GROF.xtrmsnpr: oh real ppl
    ŠKurumiŠ: But maybe one day I'll send you my photo
    GROF.xtrmsnpr: oh..
    GROF.xtrmsnpr: one day in the far far future
    GROF.xtrmsnpr: dont send a young little boy im not allowed to see tha

    GROF.xtrmsnpr: ms patricia i have to go to bed
    GROF.xtrmsnpr: a bit early 2night
    ŠKurumiŠ: Ok
    GROF.xtrmsnpr: sorry if im leaving u like this
    GROF.xtrmsnpr: but i have to wake up at 6
    ŠKurumiŠ: It's ok
    ŠKurumiŠ: Have some rest
    ŠKurumiŠ: You deserve it soldier boy

    ??Colton??: You put me on your The cute,The best and The most crazy ppl worth mentioning! :d
    ??Colton??: List
    ŠKurumiŠ (Restless): Oh yeah
    ŠKurumiŠ (Restless): You're indeed interesting and cool guy
    ŠKurumiŠ (Restless): So
    ŠKurumiŠ (Restless): I though it wasn't a bad idea
    ??Colton??: aw
    ??Colton??: That makes me feel so good

    ^2>^0W^1.^0P^2<^1R^0asputin: Don't be so hard on yourself
    ŠKurumiŠ: Sadly I have to
    ŠKurumiŠ: I gotta do somework b4 my school year starts
    ^2>^0W^1.^0P^2<^1R^0asputin: Oh, that's right, however that still doesn't mean to be so hard on yourself

    ŠKurumiŠ: You wish lol
    Jeeble™ #laptop: wat
    ŠKurumiŠ: @your comment
    Jeeble™ #laptop: what comment?
    ŠKurumiŠ: Jeeble™ #laptop 26 minutes ago
    Does this mean i can sex with you?
    ŠKurumiŠ: You gotta try harder if you wish for some cyber sugar

    Yassino: i hate LOL , Dota 2 , terraria
    Yassino: Minecraft
    ŠKurumiŠ: Amen bro
    Yassino: Dofus
    ŠKurumiŠ: add to this list your basic call of duty and annual diarrhea such as fifa or need for speed and I'll marry you
    Yassino: Damn :[ i luve fifa

    GROF.xtrmsnpr: how r u? good morning
    ŠKurumiŠ: Good good
    ŠKurumiŠ: I got a free day today
    ŠKurumiŠ: So I'm going to gym in like 30 minutes
    GROF.xtrmsnpr: nice
    GROF.xtrmsnpr: thats
    GROF.xtrmsnpr: gym is always good
    GROF.xtrmsnpr: makes a good bum n good boobs

    YuMii: just letting you know that i didnt add you because of your a girl, I saw that you havev a left 4 dead 2 so i though we could play so yeah.

    Jeremiah: Can you cook?
    ŠKurumiŠ: Abit
    ŠKurumiŠ: I favor italian and mexican cuisine
    Jeremiah: You're dangerous.... I'm leaving right now

    YuMii: you still live in poland?
    ŠKurumiŠ: Yeah I do
    YuMii: im want to go there
    ŠKurumiŠ: Perfect choice but remember not all places in Poland are that perfect
    ŠKurumiŠ: especially capital
    ŠKurumiŠ: it may look nice on pictures but it isn't
    ŠKurumiŠ: Kraków and Tri-City are pearls of my country
    ŠKurumiŠ: you should visit them 1st
    YuMii: maybe ima go visit you first :3

    YuMii: are you single or?
    ŠKurumiŠ: Yeah
    ŠKurumiŠ: I broke up 5 months ago
    ŠKurumiŠ: and I'm going to stay single
    ŠKurumiŠ: Because I feel this is a right way to do so
    ŠKurumiŠ: Also I'm ain't into relationship stuff
    YuMii: why did you broke up?
    YuMii: and im single also
    YuMii: and i want to be with you someday
    YuMii: and i know you dont like relationship thing but i still want you to xd
    ŠKurumiŠ: This is kinda awkward...
    YuMii: why is that?

    ŠKurumiŠ: I dunno
    ŠKurumiŠ: It's just...
    ŠKurumiŠ: It's just awkward xD
    YuMii: well i want to make you happy :3
    ŠKurumiŠ: FYI
    ŠKurumiŠ: This will be a hard task for ya'

    ŠKurumiŠ: I was being abused online by a fellow CS players...
    YuMii: but if something happen ill still protect you

    YuMii: hm i want you drop smoking.. i dont want you end up like me

    YuMii: maybe if i kiss you then the pain will go away?
    YuMii: or might go away
    ŠKurumiŠ (Flu): I'm not in pain :*

    YuMii [Laptop]: and hey whats your boobs size?

    ŠKurumiŠ: Lennox: ps4 or xbox one?
    ŠKurumiŠ: PS4
    Lennox: i love you
    Lennox: marry me
    Males on the internet, sure are horny...
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    It's a wonderful place is the internets. Bravo Stefan, that was a delightful read.

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    Wow you are a one screwed up dude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larrydavidsavatar View Post
    It's a wonderful place is the internets. Bravo Stefan, that was a delightful read.
    Glad you like it m8, and FYI that was only an sample I got alot of more logs to show them

    Quote Originally Posted by WrecksauceBenny View Post
    Wow you are a one screwed up dude.
    I take it as a compliment.
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    One of the strangest (yet hilarious) things I encountered on Steam
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    Good read Alpha Male will subscribe to this comrade

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    My new "knife"
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    LMAO OMG SO FUCKING HILARIOUS! Just like you said in the title! I came in here expecting nothing special and was greeted by something that just made my day! XD XD XD

    Keep it up man! Can't wait to hear more of your antics XD XD XD XD

    - PS3T OG -
    All Hail The Eyepat
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    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: ya know im starting to wish i never met my girlfriend...ŠKurumiŠ: Love troubles?
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: pretty much that and how she treats me
    ŠKurumiŠ: Well
    ŠKurumiŠ: I'm single for year or so now
    ŠKurumiŠ: Can't be bothered with relationships
    ŠKurumiŠ: There are more important things
    ŠKurumiŠ: In other words
    ŠKurumiŠ: Don't give a damn about it
    ŠKurumiŠ: And focus on your priorities
    ŠKurumiŠ: Like school,job,etc
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: thats kinda hard when this girl used to be everything to me
    ŠKurumiŠ: I know this feelings
    ŠKurumiŠ: But you can't feel bad about it
    ŠKurumiŠ: Live your life
    ŠKurumiŠ: and if she doesn't want to be part of it
    ŠKurumiŠ: then let it be
    ŠKurumiŠ: and move on
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: i try telling her she seems like she no longer wants me around but she calls me an idiot and says she does
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: she hardly hangs out or speaks to me now. she often breaks promises to play games with me
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: she calls me stupid all the time because of asumptions i make like she does not want to talk to me or want to play with me
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: which she says are lies yet she proceeds to keep ignoring me
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: then she flips her shit on me and treats me like a child saying she will block me if i dont shut up and stuff like that
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: one of her friends trolled me and said something insulting to me
    ŠKurumiŠ: Well...
    ŠKurumiŠ: In that case they are 2 options
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: and then she said that if i dont leave her alone she will block me for 10 minutes
    ŠKurumiŠ: 1: Don't give a damn about her and move on just like I said earlier
    ŠKurumiŠ: 2: Ignore her for a while and don't try to contact her at all
    ŠKurumiŠ: after sometime she'll start talking with you again
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: i tried 2 she does not even come looking for me anymore...
    ŠKurumiŠ: Then you gotta move on
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: she always tells me she has like 45 chats open
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: well then there is the problem i feel forced to be with her now
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: i admit...
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: back when we did actually get along
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: we did some things im not to proud of...
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: and then sent her the video's...
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: she told me she would post those on the internet if i hurt her or cheated on her...
    ŠKurumiŠ: In which state do you live?
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: she lives in sweden but i live in pittsburgh PA
    ŠKurumiŠ: Sorry to say this
    ŠKurumiŠ: But
    ŠKurumiŠ: In case of blackmail
    ŠKurumiŠ: you won't be able to do anything
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: i think i am...
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: if those get out ill be labeled a sex offender for 42 years...
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: im 17...
    ŠKurumiŠ: What exactly was it?
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: id rather not say...
    ŠKurumiŠ: You can trust me
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: i masturbated for her on camera...
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: like a fucking moron...
    ŠKurumiŠ: How come you're sure that she recorded it?
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: i was the one who recorded it...
    ŠKurumiŠ: oh right...
    ŠKurumiŠ: Never do stuff like this
    ŠKurumiŠ: Because now you see how this ended up
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: how do i get her to not do this...
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: because i cant even break it off peacefully...
    ŠKurumiŠ: This whole relationship was the some sort of trap for you
    ŠKurumiŠ: In which you felt for
    ŠKurumiŠ: You gotta act quick
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: well she isnt breaking it off...
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: and i cant because im afraid of what will happen...
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: id rather not have another person talk to her about it either..
    ŠKurumiŠ: If you don't want this video to go on the net
    ŠKurumiŠ: then you must act quickly
    ŠKurumiŠ: Also
    ŠKurumiŠ: If she said that
    ŠKurumiŠ: she'll post it on the internet
    ŠKurumiŠ: then she ain't worth shit
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: she only said that because of some people who hurt her i saved her from....
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: but she means it...
    ŠKurumiŠ: Like I said
    ŠKurumiŠ: Act quickly
    ŠKurumiŠ: Maybe she's just bluffing
    ŠKurumiŠ: And also a word of advise
    ŠKurumiŠ: Don't engage yourself in distance relationships
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: it as working out till she changed...
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: i cant figure out whats wrong with skyrim...
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: i cant even play it to get my mind off things..
    ŠKurumiŠ: Instead of playing Skyrim start doing something about your problem
    ŠKurumiŠ: Otherwise it can't be helped
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: shes not talking to me right now
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: how can i do anything about it if she does not even want to speak to me
    ŠKurumiŠ: Talking to her knowing that she's ready to screw you up won't help
    ŠKurumiŠ: You must do something else
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: like what
    ŠKurumiŠ: Fight fire with fire
    ŠKurumiŠ: If she's ready to blackmail you
    ŠKurumiŠ: do the same
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: how can i do that when i have nothing to use
    ŠKurumiŠ: There must be something
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: there is one thing
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: but i cant use it because she just tells everyone it isnt true and they believe it and i know its true
    ŠKurumiŠ: What exactly is it?
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: a blog some people that hate her made
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: all about her
    ŠKurumiŠ: May I see it?
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: i dont have the link anymore
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: i dont even know where to find it
    ŠKurumiŠ: It may be your only trump card in case the things goes south
    ŠKurumiŠ: Remember
    ŠKurumiŠ: You're the one who's being blackmailed
    ŠKurumiŠ: Not her
    ŠKurumiŠ: If you managed to find this blog don't be sad on threating her in case everything goes wrong as well
    ŠKurumiŠ: It's for your own protection
    ŠKurumiŠ: sorf of...

    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: she thinks i dont love her...
    Arisufizu Feitaruberun: but i do...
    ŠKurumiŠ: So suddenly after she hasn't replied to all your messages and after ignoring you all the time
    ŠKurumiŠ: She came to conclusion that you don't love her?
    ŠKurumiŠ: Way to go.
    That confession lol! ,I kinda felt bad for this fool lol
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    Cid told me to keep my Super Awesome Steam Adventures going so here's some more:

    My latest victim of the "erected glory" spam:

    Some shitkid that I and my friend (who is also a butthurt shitkid now) made butthurt:

    and some random chat log:
    Friend is playing GTA IV
    Alexander Pistoletov: HEY COUSIN! WANNA GO BOWLING?!111
    Zee ★: i never got a message from him
    Alexander Pistoletov:
    Alexander Pistoletov: fuck me jesus...
    Zee ★: and I'm like
    Zee ★: at mission 16 or 17
    Alexander Pistoletov: the fuck is wrong with yer game?!
    Alexander Pistoletov: I mean
    Alexander Pistoletov: to not receive bowling invitation from roman?!
    Zee ★: ONCE
    Zee ★: to get drunk
    Zee ★: and it was the last time I played
    Zee ★: which was about a month
    Alexander Pistoletov: getting drunk with him does not count
    Alexander Pistoletov: it must be BOWLING!
    Zee ★: none
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