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Warning about the OLED Screen

This is a discussion on Warning about the OLED Screen within the General PS Vita Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Originally Posted by Bounce Even LEDs have a chance to burn in. Like PS360 said though, it is rare. Can ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bounce View Post
    Even LEDs have a chance to burn in. Like PS360 said though, it is rare. Can still happen though, so it's always good to take care of your device.
    Taking care of your device is something you should always do. But the burn in doesn't come from not taking care. It's a fault during the production process. And sometimes it's visible, other times it's not.

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    For people that are too lazy to click the link...

    Screen burn-in, image burn-in or ghost image, colloquially known as screen burn or screen afterimage, is a permanent discoloration of areas on an electronic display such as a cathode ray tube (CRT) display or computer display monitor or television set caused by cumulative non-uniform usage of the pixels.
    More specifically

    Plasma displays are highly susceptible to burn-in, while LCD-type displays are generally less so. Because of the more rapid luminance degradation of current organic compounds used in OLED-type displays, OLED is even more susceptible to burn-in than plasma.[citation needed] In addition, the wide variation in luminance degradation with OLED [1] will cause noticeable color drift over time (where one of the red-green-blue colors becomes more prominent).
    As ominous as it sounds, burn in is not something to be overly concerned with. You would basically need to leave the screen on with a fixed imagage on a part of the screen for a very long time. The example image of a screen with burn-in posted by PS360 was from a 2 year old LCD screen in a McDonalds store that had CNN playing every day during business hours. So, unless you play the same game every day for a year or so, you probably won't end up with screen burn...though if you play a lot of games with lots of blue in the colour scheme you might find colour drift to be a bit of a problem after a few years...

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    Problem with OLED screen burn-in is its random, much like dead pixels its impossible to predict when and if it will happen. Its different in concept than a Plasma (although the result is the same), because its caused by a failure of the organic LEDs which are unable to return to a normal "center" color. As such it can happen on day one or day one hundred thousand.

    That being said you can minimize your risks by keeping brightness at the lowest acceptable level (i.e. don't crank up the brightness if the middle setting is adequate for you), as more brightness = more stress on the OLEDs, More stress = higher probability of failure.

    Avoid having any specific image on the screen for an extended period of time, as OLEDs operate best when they are in a state of relatively constant change.

    Ensure that the screen spends more time completely off (and un-powered) than it does on, what I mean by this is turn the screen off when the unit isn't on! Sleep/hibernation modes still keep the screen "warm," you should avoid these modes as they prevent the OLEDs from truly "cooling off."
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