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Vita apps disapeared

This is a discussion on Vita apps disapeared within the General PS Vita Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Just moments ago I was playing my Uncharted GA I put it on the side of my sofa and went ...

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    Vita apps disapeared

    Just moments ago I was playing my Uncharted GA I put it on the side of my sofa and went to check if my fod was cooked. But I knocked the Vita on to the floor. I turned back on and Uncharted would not load back up it kept coming back up with code. So I closed Uncharted tried to load it again it wouldn't work still. So then I did system restart and all my apps have disappeared which quite strange. the I tried to load uncharted it then said insert memory card so I switched Vita off and remove memory card and put it back in and switched it back on and loaded uncharted back up in which it worked. So the I went on to store and started downloading but then my original apps turned back on Vita with the save files, which I'm happy with. has anybody else encountered this?

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    Sounds like you bumped the memory card out or something when you dropped it. That's why when you restarted the apps were gone... the memory card wasn't connected properly. When you put in again it came back because the memory card was inserted correctly.
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    Yeah man...the Vita doesn't like it when you swap memory cards, so something must have happened to make your Vita think something happened to the memory card. Full on take it out and then put it back in again and then restart. You will have to rearrange all your icons :/ and possibly restart some games from scratch.

    I originally bought an 8GB card that I was just going to use for movies and pictures and when I bought my 32GB card I started swapping and the system was not into it at all. It is apparently not like the PSP in that respect.

    Gotta tell you though...try not to drop your Vita man.

    Good luck.

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