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'Prepare Yourself for When Vikings Attack'

This is a discussion on 'Prepare Yourself for When Vikings Attack' within the General PS Vita Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Originally Posted by Neil McPhillips // Associate Producer, XDev Hey folks, Iím here today to announce a new PSN title ...

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    'Prepare Yourself for When Vikings Attack'

    Quote Originally Posted by Neil McPhillips // Associate Producer, XDev

    Hey folks, Iím here today to announce a new PSN title coming this year! Iím very excited to introduce When Vikings Attack for PS3 and PS Vita.
    In this all-action fighting adventure, a battalion of Viking invaders, 1200 years late to the party, are causing havoc in your town. Imagine getting together a posse of local citizens: a construction worker, a butcher, a policeman, a pastor, and a schoolboy, then ripping up a phone booth or picking up a car,and hurling it at the advancing Viking hordes. Thatís the sort of crazy action you can expect in this totally new and original PSN title for PS3 and PS Vita.
    Grab whatever you can and get ready to do battle!

    Featuring both adventure and Versus gameplay modes that can be played with one to four players, the game has been winning fans within the walls of PlayStation with its manic, quick-fire gameplay ever since it came into being.

    Did I mention that itís also a full cross play/save/buy title? So all gameplay modes can be played between PS Vita and PS3 in pretty much any combination you can imagine: two PS3s and two Vitas or one PS3 and three Vitas or one PS3 with three players and one VitaÖ I could go on but letís just say you can have four players in any combination of systems you want. Also, with cross-platform save you can carry on your Adventure mode progress no matter where you are, just upload the save file from your PS3 and download it to your PS Vita or vice versa. Then to top it all off and make this the perfect Crossplay game, we are also offering both versions for one price, no matter which version you buy you will get the other for freeÖ a pretty good deal, if you ask me!
    Iíll be back in the coming weeks along with some of the guys from Clever Beans (the development team behind the game) to introduce you to even more features and let you in on some behind-the-scenes details of how the title came into being and what you can expect when it launches later this year.
    Post any questions you have in the comments and Iíll endeavor to answer whatever I can. Thanks and good day!
    Sorry if duplicate. Looks like a lot of fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sly Cooper View Post
    Sorry if duplicate. Looks like a lot of fun for about 5 minutes.
    There I fixed it for you. I don't think I'll be buying this. Even though its nice to see more games coming to the Vita, it looks like one mini game you'd play in Mario Party or something in my opinion.
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    Oh i'm sure I'll be picking this up... I love cheesy games like this.. lol.
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    It looks pretty fun and it's nice to see they're making more cross-play games. Might pick it up depending on the price ~~~
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    If I had a Vita I would get this, but I don't Although it looks fun as hell.

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