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Your PS Vita Accessories Recommendations

This is a discussion on Your PS Vita Accessories Recommendations within the General PS Vita Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Hi folks, New to the Vita world but I'm enjoying it a lot. I did a bit of research, and ...

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    Your PS Vita Accessories Recommendations

    Hi folks,

    New to the Vita world but I'm enjoying it a lot. I did a bit of research, and considering I will be using my Vita while commuting on a daily basis, I've decided to get a few things. What do you guys recommend?

    CASE ($49.99) - Waterfield SF Bags ( - PS Vita City Slicker
    A tad on the expensive side but I can see this lasting a while and the reviews are great.

    Portable Charger ($49.99) - Sony Electronics (Buy PlayStationŽVita Portable Charger | PS Vita Accessories - PlayStationŽ)
    I will be using my Vita to watch TV shows while I'm not playing games on my commute so the SD card and a little extra juice for my battery.

    PS Vita Docking Cradle ($19.99) - Sony Electronics (Vita Accessories | PlayStation Vita Cradle | PSV22036 | Sony USA)
    To charge and make it look pretty in my home office.

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    Yeah, the dock is cool. Makes it look pretty legit.

    I got this, way more comfortable than just holding it normal.

    As far as charging it goes you might take a look at this:

    It's like the other one but this motherfucker charges it while you play.

    You can get 'em both at Gamestop for $14.99, and $29.99.

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    First off a screen protector for sure. Im sure the Sony one is fine but I got the Inivishield one from the mall for $15. Ive always used them with my cell phones and they work great IMO. If anything ever happens to it they replace it free, but will charge $7 for installation if you dont want to do it. I have the PDP Trigger Grips (top picture in the post above mine) which I think are awesome and wouldnt use the Vita without it. I got the stand just because lol, and an extra wall charger & cable, and a car charger. I used to have the Travel Pouch which was nice, but it was to small after I got the trigger grips so I returned it and got the Vita Ear Buds ( PlayStation Vita In-ear Headset: Video Games ). Theyre ok, but Ive only used them a few times. I want to get the Pulse 7.1s ( Pulse Elite Edition Wireless Stereo Headset: Video Games ) cause the Vita sound isnt loud enough IMO...

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    This one is definitely optional for most but for me it's a necessity!

    This is the stylus I have. It's very different from what a lot of other devices use. It is about the thickness of a pen. The tip is very soft so it won't damage the screen. It's only a couple bucks too.

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