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Dead or Alive 5+ PSVita Features

This is a discussion on Dead or Alive 5+ PSVita Features within the General PS Vita Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Dead or Alive 5+ is coming to PlayStation Vita on March 19th! Now you can enjoy the same powerful new ...

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    Dead or Alive 5+ PSVita Features

    Dead or Alive 5+ is coming to PlayStation Vita on March 19th! Now you can enjoy the same powerful new moves and acclaimed in-depth fighting system with over 20 playable characters and blockbuster stages from the PlayStation 3 version. Today I would like to tell you about a few of the new features we’ve included in the PS Vita version.

    Cross Play
    Dead or Alive 5+ will have cross-platform compatibility with PS3, which means you fight not only against other players on PlayStation Vita, but also against players on PS3. All characters available on PS3 can be used on PS Vita as well. Battles run at 60fps for both systems, so there’s no lag or stress even when playing cross-platform. This will allow players to enjoy serious battles across the two platforms!
    Cross Goods
    Many have questioned us about the DLC content. Yes, the DLC content can be shared between PS3 and PS Vita, so players can play with their desired costumes wherever and whenever they want. We will have delivered over 100 costumes as DLC by the end of this month. Players who purchased them on PS3 can use the same costumes on their PS Vita, and vice versa.

    Cross Save
    Players can also share their save data between PS3 and PS Vita, so you can enjoy the battle even when on the move. This means the costumes that you unlocked in PS3′s different modes can be used straight away on the PS Vita, and vice versa.
    New touch control fighting
    In Dead or Alive 5+, you can attack your opponents with a simple tap of the touch screen. Characters react based on where they are touched or attacked during a fight. This allows you to enjoy the fight from the traditional third person view, or hold your PS Vita vertically to interact with characters from a close-up first person perspective. I like this!

    The new Tutorial Mode will teach you the skills needed to come out on top in a variety of different fight scenarios.
    There is three times the detail for each move in real time – like delay interval frames, move reach and more.
    You can also choose your favorite music to set the tone for each fight.

    For more information, please visit the official site. Get ready. Fight!

    Dead or Alive 5+ Crosses Over to PS Vita March 19th – PlayStation Blog

    Okay, so the question on everyone's mind is...

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    Here's the trailer for it

    I need to get me a Vita and double dip on this game.

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