Pre-paid cards not the only way to access 3G on Vita.

Published on Oct 4, 2011
PS Vita owners in Japan will be able to pay for a monthly 3G contract giving them unlimited, high-speed data downloads for 5,460 (about 50) a month, according to a report.

Sony revealed a system of pre-paid 3G cards for the PS Vita at Gamescom last month - 20 hours of standard 3G will cost 980 while 100 hours costs 4,980 - and also includes 3 hours of 'high speed' 3G.

The contract route, offered by Japanese mobile carrier DoCoMo (which also offers the pre-paid cards) starts at default at 1,000 (8) a month increasing as more data is accessed over 3G up to a maximum of 5,460 for unlimited use.

The contract offering is all high speed access - reportedly 14Mbps - meaning complex online games could easily be played over a strong 3G network on PS Vita.

There are no official details on PS Vita's 3G carriers in the west, but expect more ahead of the handheld's release in the US and Europe early next year.
source: PS Vita: Unlimited Data 3G Contract Hitting Japan - NowGamer