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Rainie Yang Turns Vita Confrence in taiwan into laughing stock

This is a discussion on Rainie Yang Turns Vita Confrence in taiwan into laughing stock within the General PS Vita Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Total fail....

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    Total fail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nagflar View Post
    Just gives companies more reasons to avoid having "good-looking" women publicly talking about their products.
    In all fairness, Utada Hikaru was a Nintendo DS spokesperson in Japan, and even had a promotional "Tetris Challenge" in which she beat 27 of the 30 competitors against them and showed that she understood the hardware perfectly.

    In the same vein, So Nyuh Shi Dae (SNSD) or Girl's Generation were the official spokespeople (there's 9 of them) in Korea, for Maple Story's DS iteration. They did many promotional events for the product and did so well that Nintendo extended their hands and offered them a commercial deal for the DSi.

    So the "good-looking" women getting promotional deals isn't exactly a bad idea in anyways, especially considering that most of the time the target demographic for both the handhelds and the endorser are overlapping markets. It doesn't exactly mean that hiring pretty girls is a bad proposal or that women in general don't deserve the promotional deals given to them.

    Part of Rainie Yang's charm is that she's a bit of an airhead, so this really isn't anything that will likely cause any harm. If anything this will just endear more of her fans in the Chinese market into buying a Vita to support her. The Asian world, and particularly their fanbases are a completely different animal than their Western counterparts. Will she get her fair share of "anti's" for this? Of course, but she'll most likely just get more support than negativity for her bubbly efforts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Secret Society View Post
    so i wonder how she got the job? (heehee)
    I think she was flipped upside down too

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    This is pretty funny simply because this will end up garnering more publicity for Sony than the original press conference would.

    The only one who looks bad here is Rainie (atleast if you consider her historically: Un-educated, pretty face, talk-show host).

    Dr. Mayus already beat me to the punch... 3DS has done worst with some of the crap their President has said. Nothing gets under my skin more than a company implying there is no reason to not buy their products or that if you don't like their stuff something is wrong with you.

    Nothing is more pretentious, and nothing makes me feel like more of a douche if I own them (or make me not want to buy them if I don't).

    I won't be buying the next iPhone for this very reason, and now my DSi will never be upgraded to a 3DS.
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    at least she has a really pretty smile

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    Apparently nobody briefed her, that's the sad part. What was her agent/manager/publicist thinking?

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    Lesson #1: Never do a promotion without know what the hell you are promoting.

    But, at least we learned something from it.

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