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Vita Beta Programming

This is a discussion on Vita Beta Programming within the General PS Vita Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; so I got an email yesterday from Sony about beta testing their Vita software anyone else here is the e-mail ...

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    Vita Beta Programming

    so I got an email yesterday from Sony about beta testing their Vita software anyone else
    here is the e-mail


    [You have received this email because you have registered your interest in PlayStation Suite. Your email address will not be used by us for any other purposes.]

    We are pleased to announce registration for a closed beta of the PlayStation Suite Developer Program. Registration opens 10 November 2011, with the beta starting for successful applicants towards the end of this month.

    If you wish to apply, please fill in your details at Developer Program for PlayStation®Suite (Closed Beta Test) and we'll be contacting those users that we can accept into the beta soon (places will be limited).

    Thank you for your interest in PlayStation Suite!

    Sony Computer Entertainment

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    I checked this is legit, if that's what you wanted to know

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    Damn, didn't get the email

    Sounds like something cool to be part of anyway.

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    I signed up, hoping I get something out of it.
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    here's to hoping sony isn't a greedy asshole and actually makes a awesome sdk for people to use.

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