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What irritates you the most in games

This is a discussion on What irritates you the most in games within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Without a doubt cheating/broken AI. Its usually common in racing games, for example burnout paradise and motorstorm, where no matter ...

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    Without a doubt cheating/broken AI. Its usually common in racing games, for example burnout paradise and motorstorm, where no matter how well or badly you are racing the CPU players will always be right behind or in front of you. Ultimately it comes down to how well you race in the last 100 meters that determines where you finish.

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    i hate games with alot of collectibles, i can finish the game but probably i wont get all of the collectibles.

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    Constant freezing in games ie Skyrim and Fallout 3, Timed missions, unskippable cutscenes and trophies that require you to complete the game on the hardest mode. I can't do hard modes, only normal.

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    Hard difficulty trophies.
    I want to play the game on normal difficulty, not do hard difficulty first. I don't really want to do 2 playthroughs.

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    1 Scenes that canot be skipped or paused without skip (I wanna play c'mon)
    2 Lag (This is like a diseace)
    3 Bunch of collectibles without purpose or reason (I'm collecting this for ??? only a trophy ??? at least InFamous shards increase you powers)
    4 Horrible online servers (Better don't add MP features with this issues)
    5 Idiot Multiplayer mods (Never couldn't get into Dead Space 2 MP)
    6 Repetitive Multiplayer Mods (Why do i have to play Deathmatch always?, i'm sick of playing that in all games)
    7 Glitches and Broken games that screw the experience (Why you release a game that is not finished?? don't you have and pay Testers to try the game before it goes to the definitive print???)
    8 Audio problems when the Video and Audio don't match (Same as above)
    9 Bunch of patches to fix their broken game (Same as above, but i'm ok downloading max only 2 patches to 200 MB to fix really small issues or add new feature)
    10 Huge Installations (I don't undestand why Some games does not even need intallationa and runs perfect, but others OH MY GOD 5GB from my Hard drive and runs worse that the one is not installed)
    11 Very Small or illegible Subtitles (I speak English but as Spanish is my maternal language i want subtitles just in case to not miss anything, but my God why you use Black Script number 2 in white to subtitle the game?)
    12 Bad translates of language (Read the Above - "ADVISO" Please hire me to translate your games or hire someone competent to do it, because seems almost most of the people of the industry suck at it, and tell them "Voy a por" is not correct to use)
    13 Games that cannot change the Language (With all the translate problems i want to play the original version of the game, gimme that option at least without making a big deal to do it, i don't wanna hear Nathan Drake talking as a weird Catalan guy)
    14 DLC - (There is a very slim line where the DLC goes from good to bad, CAPCOM DLC is a good example of bad DLC most of the times)
    15 Bad difficulty rate (Difficult is about skilled IA and should nothing to do with unfair rates and scores)
    16 Max difficulty not available from the beggining (Is not your problem if wanna play difficult setting from the beggining)
    17 Riddiculous Goals for trophies (Do you think anybody will get the Mortal Kombat platinum legit with the Master thing there?)
    18 Unbalanced MP teams (You should not allow clans sometimes)
    19 DLC buy notification (For 1 000 000 time I'm not interested)
    20 Problematic Camera (Better make a good camera system or the game will suck even if everything else is a piece of art
    21 Anual Releases (Better put your efford to make a good game that last at least 3 years, don't make lazy work of copy-paste changing the number of the year)
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