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Netflix Freeze

This is a discussion on Netflix Freeze within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; I was flipping through movies last night on Netflix on my PS3 last night, naturally. When suddenly everything had completely ...

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    Netflix Freeze

    I was flipping through movies last night on Netflix on my PS3 last night, naturally. When suddenly everything had completely froze to the point that the home button wouldn't work. And so I did what any rational person would do at that moment, cuss and manually shut off the PS3. I turned the PS3 back on to find that it was giving me the usual diatribe about how I didn't turn it off correctly and proceeded to flip it off. The next thing I know it is telling me that my data needs to be checked and I don't know what to think. So while I'm half-ass worrying about my PS3 I switch the input and watch something on television. Luckily when I turned it back on everything was right with my world and I was able to finish off the Back to the Future games. Although it was a happy ending and all that it still worries me a little bit which is the reason I find myself typing all this up, the fact that I'm a little bored plays a part too. If anyone has had any similar experiences and would like to shed some light on whether or not I should continue to be worried let me know so that I can get my PS3 help before it's too late!

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    I wish I could offer more advice. You can relax though, as I've had this happen multiple times. I get the same message saying it could take minutes to hours to restore the information. Not exactly sure what causes it, but it happens occasionally, and seems to only occur while viewing Netflix. I think you should be fine, but I would back my system and saves up if I were you, because you never know what's going to happen in the long run. I hope this helps.

    Also, I am running the 80gb fatty, so it's pretty old and holding up.

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    after the last firmware update,anytime you have to turn your ps3 off improperly,that message will pop up about scanning your hdd,nothing is wrong with yor ps3.all you had to do was hit circle to back out of the message screen,and continue playing.

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    Ya this happens when SKYRIM freezes. I wish this crap wouldnt worry ppl so bad but meh. Just back out of it.

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