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trophy hunter or not???

This is a discussion on trophy hunter or not??? within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Originally Posted by y2cloud I think 90% of all the people on these forums are trophy hunters. I mean why ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by y2cloud View Post
    I think 90% of all the people on these forums are trophy hunters. I mean why else would we be on a site dedicated to ps3 trophies unless we actually hunt for them. As for completion I myself am a hunter but not a completionist. There are games like Sonic generations I will try to play to beat but not go through the rest to platinum it. I play games to be entertained and if I get trophys along the way great. Might I add that I also do fall under the trap of easy trophys it's all about the entertainment.
    what coincidence im working on the generations plat ATM
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    I started out trophy hunting. I ended up finding it was taking the fun out of just enjoying the game, so i had to disappear from the site for a while. Now i just play the game as i normally would. If i find i'm close to the plat after just enjoying the game, i may or may not decide to go after the plat.

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    I never started out playing for trophys,all i used to play was guiatr hero 3,religiously,and then the novelty wore off first i think was Prince Of Persia (2008).It wasnt the greatest pop ever but it was good and ever since that first ,i have tried to get as many as i can.its not just about the trophys though.i like to enjoy the game and then if thats the case,the trophys are an added bonus.So now i pretty much play to .

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