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Don't you just miss the 80s & early 90s?

This is a discussion on Don't you just miss the 80s & early 90s? within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Going back is a mixed bag these days, Gaming has moved on so very far it's almost always a sour ...

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    Going back is a mixed bag these days, Gaming has moved on so very far it's almost always a sour return to play the oldies.
    early stuff is best looked at, remembered and left alone or in rare cases, to be polished into phone games if they are simple enough to control ( Tetris for example, can live forever and no doubt will be built into our brains as a timewaster before long)

    16bit era titles tend to age better due to the fact they are 2D but you'd be loathe to pay full whack for anything like them nowadays, of a great quality they may be, filled with months of content, they are not. In many cases, an insane level of difficulty stood in for actual longevity.

    The 32bit and 64bit era is where the nostalgia doesn't wash all that often, Final Fantasy games, Metal Gear Solid and the like are passable nowadays but by god, how many games that seemed cutting edge then, look and play like fetid dogsick already?

    Syphon Filter, Destruction Derby, Resident Evil, Crash Bandicoot, Goldeneye (yes really) Mario 64 (again yes really) Soul Reaver, Tekken and so many more are unpleasant to play now,still, it was a time of innovation though and without it, gaming wouldn't be anywhere near it's current level, good or bad.

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    I know i do, some of my favorite games of all time were from that era. I sure miss the arcades though man back then they were everywhere. Every mall had a gameroom, alot of grocery stores had arcades, thats were i would've been at while my mom and dad were shopping and stuff.

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    I'm a fan of retro game and I lvoe history

    Yeah, most of the good stuff came from 80's and 90's. I do like the flix, music, and games from 80's and 90's. Being a 90's kid, I love playing some of the games I had on my SNES and Genesis. Also as soon as I read history of video game, I would've love to play those game from the 70's and 80's because as a gamers it's important to know how that game inspire another game. Also, you can see how game evolve over decade. I miss the 80's and 90's. Also Fallout New Vegas taught me and other youth to enjoy old time music like Frank Sinatra, and things. Without Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, I wouldn't have come to like the 80's music. So yeah the 80's and 90's have a lot of great thing. But we got to move on. We didn't have social service like Facebook, Twiiter or smartphone like Iphone. That's what I like about this generation. But I don't forget the 80's and 90's.
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    I was born in 1990 so I can't miss what I never experienced / don't remember.

    I do miss the late 90's though, cause (for me) it was the golden age of 2d games.

    King of Fighters and Metal Slug dominated the arcades, Mortal Kombat 3 dominated the megadrive, and many other things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iraqoz View Post
    I did break through this evil circle thanx god for this. Now I can go beyond the , because the plat isnt the end station for me anymore.

    I do think that the games in 90s were exceptional. There are alot of Master pieces that really defined and gave structure to this game-generation.

    So yea I do miss some of them.
    I miss them as well, particularly some oldfashioned but great jrpg's on Snes and PS1..
    On the other hand, I'm glad I've experienced and played a lot of them. I wouldn't miss this era of gaming either.
    10 years later I'll probably miss the games we have now.
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    I wish i could have just replied with 'no'....i hate the 90's and probably the 80s even more. I love my PS3...don't get me wrong...I'm an original NES gamer....and when that is all that there was, I loved it...but the games just seemed so retardedly hard. I remember having the gold Zelda cartridge game...getting like 76% through the game and then it freezing up and breaking.....I had to return it...and remembering how bummed I was when I knew I had to start from the's so much better now.

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    I wasn't born then, so no!

    I do miss the late 90's and up to the mid 00's though

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