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Old demos are no more?

This is a discussion on Old demos are no more? within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Originally Posted by DoomHorror There's no gamefly where I live, and no game rental stores at all. In any case ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoomHorror View Post
    There's no gamefly where I live, and no game rental stores at all. In any case I wouldn't rent any game ever because I feel that it hurts the industry that I'm so fond of. I prefer buying games.

    Maybe you missed the greater point - I needed to see if I'd enjoy it before I bought it (that's what demos are for!), because on previous attempt it didn't impress me (I still can't get into this over-shoulder camera view) and it was scarry as fuck (not in the way like "this game has really creepy atmosphere" kind of scary, but in "you°'re slowly walking through a dark and silent hallway and shit pops up screaming loud as fuck" kind of way.)
    Nah, I got you the first time. What I meant was is so cheap you might as well just add it as a collection item.
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    The Mortal Kombat demo was taken off the store as soon as the game came out.
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    Seeing as how the demo's are considered freeware, I don't see that the gaming companies would make them account or console specific, like game saves, or PSN titles. A question for sure to be directed to the "contact us" link on Sony or the specific company's website.
    That being said I personally try to get whatever demo's I am interested in and back them up to my PC in the event that I don't want to play them right away, buy the full version (and want something which contains a trailer and demo for someone who's visiting to check out), or am initially not interested in the game for whatever reason, but think that I'll go back to at some point.

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