Ok, couple of things here PS360... And I honestly wish you would stop posting stuff about Patents, you only seem to care about the pictures and base all your opinions on garbage.

1) United States Patent Application: 0120014558

Filed: July 13, 2010
Hmmm, When was the Wii U announced again? If I recall correctly the formal announcement came in April or May of 2011. Almost a full year after Sony filed for this.

Not that, ultimately, this device has much of anything to do with the Wii U. The Wii U controller, to this point, has only indicated the plan is to replicate environments from the Wii U on the controller (as if it was a remote screen). None of that is mentioned anywhere in this patent.

2) Read the claims of what is patented, you know... The stuff that actually specifies the patent.

The primary claims in the patent:
- Using the mobile device integrated with the control unit to track and render something in an integrated manner between the two devices.

NOTE: This claim, at this point, has nothing to specify anything about the actual controller. This is just about holding a little TV that communicates with a big TV to create an integrated communication/rendered environment.

- Using multiple mobile devices together to create an augmented video space. Basically the capability of all 3 devices to interact so the first and second's integrated environment can be augmented by the other.

Thats it, that is all that is really in this patent. The capability of two users to interact in an augmented reality such that the two user's devices interact with each-other to create a joint augmented environment.

So please, stop with the inflammatory titles. Particularly when you don't even bother to read the actual patent (if you did, you wouldn't be posting this).

I mean the claims are only a page or two, and the overview of the entire invention being patented is only about 10 pages.