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Everyone and their dragons are hyping Twisted Metal. I got the demo yesterday and played the training, challenge mode and online. The first thing that came through my mind is; WTF am I driving? The all of the vehicles feels like floaty butter except one, the heavy truck drives like a tank. The weapon felt weak, pew pew missiles and the specials are surprisingly even weaker. The explosion effects made me chuckle, really, "thatīs all?" was what went through my mind. And how the weapon changing system worked out took down the gameplay flow a big deal.

Let me sum it all up, 60$ for this is not justified. The gameplay just didnīt feel fun, more like frustrating and the graphic were somewhere between PSN title and lower.

Just me right? Cuz I ainīt got taste and know how to have fun, right? For if not, WTF IS THIS GAME SO HIGH ON EVERYONES WISH LIST (mostly talking about my friends)?
I've got to agree with everything you said. In all honesty I've not understood the hype since the game was announced. I don't remember the Twisted Metal games being anything to rave about back on the PSOne or PS2 days.

I decided to give the demo a try though and to me it just seems like a clusterfuck. I'm glad someone else is of a similar opinion because I felt well off the pulse for disliking the demo.