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LV 10 F*** YEA - Now Iīm empty inside

This is a discussion on LV 10 F*** YEA - Now Iīm empty inside within the General PS3 Discussion forum, part of the Everything PlayStation; Went for dinner and it the title or the subject that net so many responses? Anywho, I see that ...

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    Went for dinner and it the title or the subject that net so many responses?

    Anywho, I see that many consider the trophies more than the lv. The lv for me something more important, canīt really explain why. Maybe because getting 25k gaming score on 360 made points dull to me. Appreciate all the answers and I think I found my new gaming way, spend more time with games I really enjoy, thatīs all.
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    it just me or does anyone have trouble trying to read what the OP guy writes...... all of it is gibberish to me and non sensical =/

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    Its good, but you are going to get pissed of when u go to 12, I was there for a long time
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shemhazat View Post
    What Chris said. I aim to plat games i like and if i gain a level due to a trophy, good for me.
    I feel the same way The levels will happen naturally as you aim for trophies and 's. I'm on the verge of hitting level 17. Once I play a few more games, I'll hit that mark

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    I got hooked on achievements when I got my first 360, gathered up about 39,000 in Gamerscore in about 2 years. Then when I could afford a PS3 I already knew I would be hooked on trophies. It took FOREVER to hit level 20. As everyone has stated, up to level 10-12 its not all that bad. The real grind comes once you crest level 15, it takes so many damn trophies to move up a level. Do as others have suggested and try to ignore the level and just play what you like, otherwise you'll get discouraged way to easily, at least I found myself getting that way.
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    3 rules
    1: play games you like
    2: go for trophies in games you really like
    3: Reassess your goals if you start to only play games for trophies
    These 3 personal rules save me money and headaches.
    Just have fun and the trophies will accumulate as a bonus.

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